Weekend Report

Let’s just say my calves still hurt from this weekend.

On Friday night Joel and I ordered sushi and enjoyed a few glasses of wine on our porch. We had been craving some alone time together (even without the dog), so Joel planned a long hike for us early on Saturday morning.

It took us a little over 2 hours and while I did bitch and moan a lot few times, it was one of the best dates we’ve had in a while. Even though it was about 105 degrees on the freaking mountain and we totally underpacked in the water department - we did it.

At one point while we were scaling down a huge hill, I was grabbing his hand and backpack so I wouldn’t end up on the ground, I felt like we were on a relationship building course. Even though we obviously weren’t, it was nice to have 2 uninterrupted hours to just talk and touch base - alone.


 Plus, he took me to a great lunch (and pinkberry) afterwards which definitely helped :)

And I was so glad that I made it to the top

Saturday night we had Brent and Dawn over to our side of the tracks for a little “Tour de Westwood”. We hit up my favorite spots for drinks and snacks – Skylight Gardens, The Backyard at the W Hotel, and TheGlendon - and had such a fun time walking around the neighborhood with them.

And then, in case the 2 hours of hiking on Saturday wasn’t enough – I went again with Shelby and Dawn Sunday morning. We did ended up doing  a really tough route on Runyon Canyon that I never knew existed. It's a hidden gem and It’s about 10x harder than the actual trail . Again, it was freaking HOT but we finished it and rewarded ourselves with Mango Mimosa’s at Aroma Bakery onSunset.


After breakfast the 3 of us headed to Home Depot looking to stock up on all sorts of goodies. I used to hate being dragged to home depot as a kid, and now I think it might be my favorite store.

Dawn was really tired after the hike,

After stuffing Shelby's car within an inch of it's life all of our plants and carpets made it home safely. 


I’ve been looking for an indoor plant since I moved to California, and I finally found a winner. Plus, the seafoam colored pot I found was only $4 bucks and matched perfectly with my living room color scheme! Bonus.

I planted the few other plants that I bought while shopping, made some pasta for Joel and I, and we watched the sunset on our back porch. I’ve been loving taking advantage of the weather here in California. Sitting out here is my most favorite way to spend the evenings.



  1. I felt like we were on our own episode of 'Survivor' when we were hiking down Runyan on Shelby's little detour! I am glad we made it down and without crossing paths with any rattle snakes. The plant looks great btw.

  2. I will have to check out your Westwood favorites! They sound awesome.

  3. I totally envy your hiking trails lol, I can only swamp hike here:)

  4. I love the shirt you're wearing. You're a champ for hiking in that kind of heat.