Weekend Report

 We had one of those weekends that every once and a while we just crave.

Which, unfortunately for you, may make this post quite boring.

Friday night we ordered in our favorite pizza, opened up a bottle of Joel's birthday wine, sat on the patio and just listened to music. Our neighbor's probably hate us, but we are still in love with our extra big outside area.

Saturday morning we got in a 7 mile hike in the Pacific Palisades. The best part of hiking for me is finishing. Like with any exercise really, but I just feel so accomplished. I mean, hiking 7 miles in the mountains is no easy task - and I can look in the mirror and see my sunburn (!), stained hat, and soaking wet t-shirt and know that I did something - something hard.

Plus, we always follow it with a yummy and sometimes healthy lunch. After this one, we ended up at The Curious Palate in Santa Monica. I had their chicken wrap with gruyere cheese, roasted red peppers, and chipotle aioli (said no to fries. nbd.) and we each had a locally brewed beer - it was perfect.

And that night we finally tested out our new grill. And again, played music all night long.
....The mood was just perfectly set to get into the fall mode so we picked up some some pumpkin candles and an October Fest brewed beer.
Joel grilled an amazing salmon that we marinated with Trader Joe's Soyaki and we served it atop Israeli Cous-Cous.  Seriously amazing - and dare I say - we had more fun than if we had dolled up and went out to a fancy restaurant.
Sunday we fit in another hike with my friend Shelby - and then lounged. all. day. long.


I leave for Chicago on Tuesday and I have a lot to get done in the next 12 hours - so this weekend was just what the doc ordered.


  1. Your weekend sounds amazing-- I'm very envious!

  2. Your weekend sounds amazing-- I'm very envious!

  3. That salmon sounds delicious! I wish we had our grill, I really just need to get my butt in gear and go get ours from my Dad's! lol

  4. Salmon with TJ's soyaki is the BEST! My aunt made it at Thanksgiving last year (salmon? at Thanksgiving? yeah I'm confused too) and it was SOOO good!!

  5. Your dinner looks delicious! I really want to make some cous cous in the near future. Maybe I will pair it with some salmon. Yum!

  6. my husband just found his first case of the seasonal sam adams and it made his day!
    So glad I found your blog
    come check me out

  7. Oktoberfest is my FAVORITE beer. Have so much fun in Chicago. We still need to toast your engagement/move/dog/so much happening in your life!