Wedding Wednesday: Let's Boogey

So far the hardest part of wedding plan has been deciding on the music. The most essential part to having a good time at any wedding is the tunes – right? And for my wedding, all I know is that I want to be on the dance floor the entire time. 
 Wedding music ideas
My parents are both music fans and they’ve decided that they really want a band. I’ve never been to a wedding where a band has played – only djs – but after all of my research, I think this is one of the parts of my wedding that I’m the most excited for. It’s such a statement and if I find the right band, they should have the entire room on their feet. 

The problem is it’s been hard and to find a good band that isn’t atrociously priced. 

Plus, band guys are super talky and have huge egos. For instance I talked to one guy who quoted me $28,000 to perform at my wedding. And requires to be served the meals that I’ll be serving my guests.

 And no his name was not John Mayer – because JESUS – it friggen should have been. 

It’s been a lot of research, phone calls, emails, and forms and I’m starting to get a little nervous. Bands book up super-fast and at the moment, I only have one actual contender who has a playlist I approve and a fee that my father sort of approves.

 Wedding music

If you know any good bands in the Chicago/Wisconsin area I’d love recommendations! And brides, how did you pick your music? Dj? Band? Ipod? What are good things to know?


  1. This is such a tough one - I feel like there are only a handful of bands who I would want and I'm sure half of them are already booked. Yikes!

    And $28k.... is he on drugs?!

    I'll probably go the DJ route when I get there eventually... it just seems easiest.

    Remind me of that when I end up hating my DJ, haha.

  2. We booked a band from the Skokie, IL area and I'm SO excited for live entertainment too :) The company name is Chris Sarlas Orchestra- and they have 4 or 5 bands within the company. We hired the Stephanie Rogers Band. Check them out! http://www.sarlasmusic.com/

  3. My friend hired a band and for the songs the band couldn't play (i.e. old school rap) they used an ipod. I wasn't sure how this would work out but it ended up being a great idea. One good thing about a dj (not sure if bands do this) is that the dj pretty much walks you thru your wedding: announces you, does the cake cutting, garter toss, etc. Good luck planning!

  4. I can't believe someone was trying to get you to spend $28k. That's just crazy. Can't wait to hear what/who you end up going with! I wish I knew of someone to recommend to you, but unfortunately I do not.

  5. Hey Tess,
    My aunt and cousins live up there year round. They seem to know everyone in the area. If you'd like I can see if they have any suggestions?

  6. 28K?! Ridiculous!

    We had a DJ at the reception, but I wanted the actual song to play, so that was easy for me. Song choices were the hardest part.
    I really wish I could've danced more. But talking to the guests were a priority for us, and we didn't even get to talk to everyone. Goes to show how fast the time will fly by.

  7. Is he crazy?! That's ridiculous! I think if that's the feel you're going for, and goes along with the rest of your wedding, a band could absolutely work. I don't have any suggestions for you, but hopefully you find a group you like soon! I'm sure something will work out :)