My Morning Go To

Every morning the only thing that really gets me out of bed is the promise of my sweet routine.
I make a cup of coffee and have a bowl of oatmeal with a banana and cinnamon mixed in Every. Single. Day. And I have for the last 4 or 5 months.

I’m actually curious if my cholesterol has gone down – but that’s besides the point.

The point is that I’m a creature of habit. And I love my morning routine. I move slow and gracefully. The stress of the day hasn’t hit me yet and I try to savor it. I bring my breakfast to the couch and l enjoy it while watching the Today Show and letting the California sun bleed through the windows in the living room. The house is still quiet, my boys are still sleepy, and the whole routine gets my day started on such a good note.

Andy Warhol

I’ve always been a morning person – I need the morning, but I know some people despise it. What’s your go to?


  1. your morning routine sounds heavenly! i wish i could relax on the couch with coffee and oatmeal while watching the today show! that's perfection! i'm sure the california sun doesn't hurt either! :)

  2. Your routine sounds great. I get up and go to the gym, right away. Otherwise I know I'll never get there. I like the idea of lounging around for a bit and that's definitely how I spend my weekends. :)

  3. I love the morning. Morning is when I accomplish EVERYTHING - laundry, groceries, exercising. If it's not done by 10am, the chances of me doing it are so SO very slim.

  4. I definitely wouldn't call myself a "morning person" by any stretch of the imagination simply because of what it takes to get me out of bed. But, once I'm up, I love my morning routine. Call me crazy. I love slowly waking up and tackling the day. Reading while drinking tea and eating yogurt with the news on in the background. Checking e-mail from the couch to ease into work mode. I really believe starting the day right is crucial, at least to me.