Sometimes, What Makes Me Happy is...

 ...Blue hydrangea's
...Finding a shirt at Target for $20 bucks.

...Knowing that I get to go home next week
...An eyebrow wax

...Positive quotes

...Lots and lots of oysters

...A weekend with no plans

...My idealistic version of fall

...Ticket's to LA's Fashion's Night Out

...A freshly brushed puppy

...And sparkly dresses


  1. Love it! I'm going home next week, too :)

  2. Those are all very good reasons for happiness! Sparkly dresses are my favourite and I'm BEYOND jealous that you have tickets to Fashion's Night Out. Have an awesome time at home!

  3. Cute Target top! And I love the skinny belt with it. I also totally agree about eyebrow waxes! Having someone else do it is *way* better! I've never had it done it Italy..I must try it! :D