detox tea time


After a weekend filled with fries, wine, lobster rolls, and the best chocolate bread pudding I've ever had - I need a few days of detoxing (probably more like a month but I don't have that kind of discipline).

The problem with detoxing is that I get so damn hungry.

My girlfriend Dawn turned me on to this Hunger-Curbing, Metabolism Boosting Tea and I had to give it a try. 

She'll give you all the goods, but if you don't want to watch the video - here's what you need: 

a. 1 lemon, 4 shakes of caynee pepper, 4 shakes of cinnamon 

b. a coffee mug that matches your outfit

c. and a large spoon to constantly mix up the concoction

The tea tastes a little weird but it's not horrible. It reminded me of Mexican Hot Chocolate but tasted more like Mexican Apple Cider. If you can get over the interesting-ness of it it'll be worth it. When I tried this tea yesterday around 3, I had eaten an early, light lunch and  fit in a gym session so I was pretty close to starving. I would have rather had a bagel with cream cheese but this cup of tea actually had me full almost three hours later. 

If you I can get this bad boy to replace a morning or afternoon snack, I would imagine it could really help shave off a few pounds.


Also....on a totally unrelated note...

It's my fiance's actual birthday today! It's our first birthday together as an engaged couple - and it's really weird to think next year we'll be celebrating as husband and wife! Tonight we are ringing in the new year with just the two of us. We're stopping at a wine store in Brentwood to take advantage of a 25% discount on your birthday and then having dinner at the ever famous Katsuya afterwards. I love a fancy date night on a Tuesday!

But in a reality, I really just wanted to say happy birthday Joely - Roscoe and I love you more than you'll ever know!


  1. Happy Birthday Joel!!

    Also, I am all kinds of skeptical about that tea. It looks pretty dang nasty.

  2. Birthdays make it so hard to eat healthy! I might have to try that tea- thanks for the tip :)

  3. Again, another adorable dress!Love the stripes- I want!!

  4. Happy Bday Joel! Forgot to tell you how adorable the party turned out. I am planning a wine tasting/canning party in a few weeks and want to use the idea of the brown bags for the bottles. looks so nice and neutral. i really need to try that tea bc I'm always hungry too!

  5. Happy birthday, Joel! Sounds like you've got a wonderful celebration planned.

    I'm never too sure what to think of cleanses and "natural" hunger curbing substances. My gut tells me that my body tells me what it needs and that ignoring or suppressing that isn't healthy, but I haven't done enough research yet. Something to think about.