Fridays Thoughts

Did it feel like an insanely long week to anyone else?

On Tuesday I had to drop off my baby pup at the vet for him to get neutered. Surgery went great and when he came he didn't seem to be in too much pain. I worked from home on Wednesday so that I could keep a close eye on him, but come Thursday I needed to get into the office. I came home to find his incision completely ripped open, and all of his stitches gone. The poor guy could barely walked so we literally ran back to the vet for an emergency staples session. Thankfully they didn't have to re-sedate him, but now he is in a ton of pain....and in a huge freaking cone.

Wednesday night I did get to go out for a girls night to celebrate my sweet friend Carly since her and her fiance are "tying the knot" in 2 weeks time and I won't be able to make it to the wedding. I moved out here knowing no one only 5 months ago and these three girls have quickly turned into my California family.*And I'm not just because they are reading this right now, but hi Dawn, Shelby, and Carly, I truly feel so lucky to have them in my life.*

This weekend Joel and I are staying close to home. We are really trying to take advantage of the mountains out here, so I'm planning on taking two long hikes this weekend. It's been a really good way to keep my body moving hard for 3 hours time, and I actually enjoy it. Plus, I made 5 wedding dress appointments for Labor Day weekend in Chicago and I'm starting to semi-freak out. More on that Wednesday ;)


  1. Aw, poor pup! Sammy was completely out of it when we picked him up after he got neutered. But we also opted to have them give him some stronger pain meds while he was still out of it. We also went ahead and got a cone so he wouldn't try and rip his stitches out, since we knew he would try. Poor thing had to wear it for almost 2 weeks! lol It was really funny after we took it off, he literally ran around the house like the free dog he was for like 15 minutes.

  2. There is nothing more sad, but equally funny, than a dog in a cone. Is it awful to find it kind of funny??

  3. aww my baby girl recently got neutered too, its so sad. poor lil pup!!!

  4. I'm so sorry about Roscoe, I hope he's feeling better now! Did I mention I'm massively jealous of the number of hikes you've been doing recently? Because I am. Definitely take advantage of those mountains! Hope you had fun!