Tea Time


Let's be straight here, long gone are the days I vent, catch up, and/or bitch over tea. Now that I'm 24, we've moved up to the big leagues. Now, my talking time happens over booze. If it's early in the morning, mimosa's. Lunch? We're drinking white. After 4pm, we can choose either margs or red. BUT my blog....my sweet blog...it's gotta be tea time, and I can't change the name now. I'm in too deep. So our new weekly little gab sessions will have to be labeled as such - however, do know, if we meet (& gab), I much prefer wine over tea.

1. This week has me all kinds of anxious. I've recently taken on new opportunities at work and while it's a fantastic situation - it means I have a lot to learn.

Plus, while I'm learning all of this new stuff, I've got a lot of wedding details going on. Right now I'm trying to make appointments to try on dresses, meet stationer's, pick a band, find bridesmaids dresses, re-visit our venues, and determine a budget. I could manage all that under normal circumstances, but since I'm hiring these people in Chicago, my 6 day trip at the end of August is already bursting at the seams.

2. My sweet baby Roscoe is getting neutered today. I know he will do great, but it does make me a little worried that he's in a major surgery. I'm thinking good thoughts and can't wait to kuzzle him when I pick him up today around 4.

3. My girlfriends and I nailed an 8mile hike on Sunday. It took us every bit of 3 hours and I'm still freaking sore. And seriously sunburned.

4. Trader Joe's wine is the best for weekday splurges. Cocobon is my favorite table wine so far and I picked it up yesterday for $7. Winning.

5. Do you read "Classy & Fabulous" ? Sarah has honestly stolen my heart and I would pretty much pay a moving company to bring her and her cute boyfriend out to Los Angeles. She is just my kinda girl - and I think she'll be yours too.  I really recommend you follow along with her sweet journey....big things are on her horizon and you're not gonna wanna miss it.

Alright dawwwlings, that's all the thoughts I have for you for now. Until next time.



  1. Awww here I am just reading along and HEY THAT'S ME. On your blog!

    I feel so stressed for your trip to Chicago!! I can't imagine making so many decisions in 6 days. WOOF. I can barely even decide what to eat for dinner.

  2. You sound all KINDS of crazy busy! Keep drinking that wine girl, it'll help! Hope everything worked out okay.