Wine Tasting Party

Friday night we rang in Joel's quarter century birthday with friends, music, and lots and lots of wine.

We even had a special visitor come in from Chicago who helped Joel have a little piece of our favorite city on his big day - and helped me throw this whole thing off.

My bestie and bridesmaid
And - she came bearing really smart gifts for him.

Stuff Every Husband Should Know

I didn't want the house to look like I was having a party for a six year old boy, so I only added a few nautical and fun decorations - mainly from Target.

dog not included.

I was a little worried about the main activity of the party - the wine tasting - but it ended up being a huge hit.

I numbered lunch bags from 1-20 before everyone arrived and each bag had a corresponding dixie cup to hold the votes.

When the guests walked in, I placed their bottle in a randomly numbered bag and placed on the tasting table. Once everyone arrived Joel ran through the directions (rate the wines 1-10 and place your vote in the correct dixie cup).

It took us about an hour to get through all eight bottles of wine and then Joel and Sara took the cups away and figured out the winning -and losing bottles.


The winner won a bottle of Moet - while the losers were lucky enough 
to take home some two buck chuck.

Everyone got super into it and it reallllly got the party going.  

It was basically the adult version of taking shots for an hour straight. 

And - it made for a very, very toasted happy birthday boy.


  1. Happy Birthday to Joel!

    Happy Wine flu to you!

  2. looks like you had a lovely time! love the dress you've got on too :)

  3. So fun!!! Look at you, already being the perfect wife. ;)

  4. What a great party! It looks like yall had a ton of fun.

  5. You throw a fantastic party, friend. If I fly to LA, can we wine taste?!

  6. The party looks fantastic! You and your best friend are stunning!