Checkin' In

So, I'm pretty much complete with my first week of weight watchers. If you know the program, you'll totally understand this post, and if you don't, things may get hairy for you.

Last Tuesday was my first official day. The weekday's following the meeting were good. I only went over my allotted points by one or two and was feeling pretty confident.

By the time Friday night arrives it's pretty much go time. I want to go to a restaurant and drink margaritas or martinis.

Joel and I were going to go somewhere really easy - we were thinking Buffalo Wild Wings. I always get this chicken tender wrap while I'm there, and it's pretty good - so I was down. Then I thought,
Be a good weight watcher and check how many calories/fats/fiber are in your wrap. I did, and I about threw up. 1,110 calories are in the chicken wrap that I have ordered at least 20 times. I almost chewed off my right hand.

For that realization alone, I am thankful to weight watchers. Not surprisingly, we didn't go to Buffalo Wild Wings.

So, long story short - I ended up using all of my flex points on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday alone. I figure this will probably happen every week anyways so I'm pretty happy with myself. I stayed right where I'm supposed to and I wrote virtually every bite down. Here's hoping I see results tomorrow night!

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