house hunters style

My favorite show is about to turn in to my own little reality. My family and I have decided to try and invest in an apartment in downtown Chicago. I will live in it, mom&dad will buy it. It's a pretty good deal if you ask me.

It's such a buyers market right now that I have the pick of the liter when it comes to choosing. I am looking for a 2bd, with character, and parking. It's tall order in Chicago and for a lot of money, I'll be lucky to get 1,500sq feet.

Saturday my mom and I are going to do our first round of showings. We're going to hit up 8 or 9 apartments, and try and narrow it down to our top 3. At that point, we'll bring in my dad and have him choose the final one.

My hopes are that this is a smooth, quick, and easy process that will end with a great apartment for a great price.

Any apartment hunting advice for me??

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