Half Acre Brewery

Half Acre Beer Co. is a brewing company in the Northcenter neighborhood of Chicago, IL. It's a brewery in the middle of the city where they brew small batch beers as well as a small store.

A year ago, Half Acre decided to open their doors for a brewery tour every Saturday. The brewery is pretty small, so they only allow 60 people in at a time.

They set up a reservation program on their site and within months, they were booked up 3 years in advance. 

They decided to put a halt on the reservation program, but still have to honor reservations up until the last reservation which is July 2012. Because people set up these reservations so early, it's really rare that 60 people actually show up for the event. For that reason, people line up at the door every Saturday morning and see if they can get it. 

We call ahead and they told us in order for us to try and get in, we would have to be in line by 11:30. Thankfully we were apart of the 19 people that were let in, so waiting over an hour in the 85 degree hit was totally worth it!

It costs $10 to participate in the tour, however the 10 dollars gets you a glass cup and 3 cups of fresh beer along the tour. 

Our tour guide was a really chill, funny guy who walked us through the history and process of brewing at Half Acre.

My favorite fact of the day; Beer is safer to drink than water.
 The tour lasted a good 2.5 hours and was a perfect Saturday activity. If you are ever in Chicago and have a chance to check it out you won't be disappointed!

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