Friday's 5

As much as I love being back in Chicago, it is always nice to be back at my house and back to our routine. I missed exercising over Thanksgiving week and I sure could tell during everyone of my workouts this week. Why does 1 off week take 2 good weeks to recover? That is just not fair!

Roscoe's first snow!
 Roscoe loved spending the week at our house and especially loved playing all day with my families dog Haley. I'm trying to convince Joel that we need to get Roscoe a brother or sister, but the only way he would consider it is if I were to "find" a stranded dog on the steets that we had to save.

So, yes, I do drive a few extra miles out of my way searching for lost pups. It can happen.

 I posted this recipe for my meal plan, but it's the easiest soup you could ever make and it's delicious.
It only makes 4 bowls, so if you want leftovers, you will have to double the batch. And, you'll want leftovers.

I have watched a Lifetime or Hallmark Christmas movie everyday this week. I'm recording them all and they're all stupid and adorable - but these have been my favorite....so far

Embarrassing, but truthful.


I'm candle obsessed, but the cheapest and best smelling candle I've found for Christmas can be snagged at Michaels. I have it sitting next to our fake Christmas tree and if you closed your eyes, you would never be able to smell the difference!

Warmest Wishes
We are off to celebrate my cousins 35th birthday tonight and then will be catching the Kings game with my girl Laura and her husband. We need to get our Christmas cards in the mail and finish up shopping, but we should be able to tackle both on Sunday.

Hope you have a great weekend too!


  1. I'm obsessed with all of the cheesy TV Christmas movies! Kevin makes fun of me but I just can't help it. No matter how bad they are, I just HAVE to watch them for some reason. (And I love that Bride for Christmas one haha.) Also, random question and I know you've probably said it before but what kind of dog is Roscoe?

  2. Clearly you just need to buy a dog, tie him up to a pole somewhere, and stumble upon him. Maybe I'm just a genius but that one came to me easily.

    I love me some Christmas movies.... I may have to get on some sort of holiday schedule.

    Major coincidence, but I woke up with a plan to make creamy tomato soup today. Perfect!

  3. Haha I like Sarah's idea. I was going to say, I'll come up there, rescue a dog and then "accidentally" let it off of it's leash in front of your work. Boom! Done.

    I want that tomato soup so bad right now.

  4. I have been watching allll of the Hallmark movies, too! kind of obsessed with them haha