Weekend Report

Do you feel like December is flying by at record speed? 

It sure seems like it over here.

. I really hope Thanksgiving doesn't fall this close to Christmas again because there is just not enough weekend time to soak in the season.
Either way, we are squeezing every inch of fun out of our time and this weekend was no exception.

My cousin Nick was in town from Chicago and stayed with us. On Friday night, we celebrated another cousin's (Cole) birthday.  Before dinner, we had drinks at The Phoenix, which I loved. It's a really cozy bar in the Mid-City with craft beers and board games. It reminded me a lot of bars you find in Chicago so I think it will make it on our rotation.

After a drink we ventured down the street and had a phenomenal dinner at The Bazaar.

 The cocktails were amazing and the dinner was equally as delicious. It's not a cheap night, but it's worth it (every once in a while). The decor is crazy cool and you move rooms for each course, so it really is above your average restaurant experience. 

On Saturday I tried to work off the 3 French martini's at a brutally tough Soulcycle class and then we met up with Laura and Sean for the Kings game.

 My company owns a suite at the Staples Center, so whenever I'm hosting clients I can get my hands on some extra tickets. It's a major perk of the job, especially when good friends can join in on the fun.,

Sunday, Joel and I went Christmas shopping for like six hours, wrapped presents, tried to finish addressing Christmas cards, made pizza and watched a Christmas movie. 

I have a feeling today is going to be a long day, but my exhaustion is well worth it.
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  1. That restaurant sounds so fun! Switching rooms for each course?!

  2. I loooveee wrapping gifts, opening a bottle of wine, and watching a Christmas movie. SO FUN!

  3. Sounds like yall had a great weekend! What better night then eating pizza, wrapping presents, and relaxing! Have a great week love!

  4. I also think December is flying by, partly because Thanksgiving was so late this year. Unfortunately, it will be next year too. Lame. :(