Friday 5

With the weather being so unseasonably hot, it's hard not to feel like summer has arrived here in LA. The birds are chirping, the summer smells have arrived, and it's way too hot to wear jeans. It's throwing my mind for a major loop, but I'm trying to live like I would if I were vacationing here, and what better way than dining al fresco?

If you're local to LA, Napa Valley Grille in Westwood has the best kale salad ever.
I'm also really trying to #lovewhereyoulive. I had started trying to convince Joel that we should move, and when he asked why, I really couldn't think of a reason. We live ten minutes from the cutest town, I just sometimes forget that it's there and that I can walk to it! I've walked down twice this week and once to visit the farmers market (see? It's adorable!) and I'm looking at it with such fresh perspective.

With all of the hot weather in LA we had a pretty scary forest fire. We live far from the mountains, but on my run yesterday the sky was milky brown and I could actually taste the soot and debris.

Today is Roscoe's 2nd birthday! Roscoe brings so much joy to our lives, I honestly don't know what we would do without him - or what the hell we talked about before him! He is such a loving member of our family and our lives are much richer with him in it. We got very, very lucky just two years ago.

The weekend is starting a little early today with some girlfriends and margs at my favorite Mexican restaurant in Santa Monica, El Cholo. The rest of the weekend is slated to be pretty low-key. I've got SoulCycle and a hike planned, and that's pretty much it. See ya Monday!

And holy shit, this quote really hits home.


  1. So envious of your warm weather, its 38 here in Richmond this morning! Hoping to head out for a run once it gets warmer, this girl has been majorly slacking on working out this week! Happy 2nd birthday to Roscoe, hope yall have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I'm so jealous of your warm weather!!!! Happy Birthday, Roscoe!!!

  3. I'm glad you all aren't too close to the fires. That's so sad/scary! :(

    And happy birthday to Roscoe!!

  4. Aw Happy Birthday Roscoe!! I can't get over the heat you're having in LA! As nice as it may be, I kind of like it being cold this time of year. It just doesn't last long!

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  6. As much as I like cold weather, and am suffering with this south Louisiana heat... I can't imagine never have a legit winter.

  7. So we may be moving out that way. Any advice would be appreciated. What are some of the more affordable areas?