Weekend Report

My weekend actually started on Thursday with a really fun girls night. Our local benefit (in Santa Monica) hosted an opening party for their blow-dry bar and held a party through Gilt City. We all met up for dinner and wine, and then made our way to the party.


The event was sixty dollars a person, and was well worth it. Once we checked in, we were outfitted with cold champagne and a ticket to get our eyebrows and makeup done. There were tons of little snacks throughout the store and since it was an all girls event, the energy was a blast.

We got a $35 credit, so we all walked away with a few new goodies and a packed swag bag. 

For the rest of the weekend, Joel and I laid low. Friday night we grabbed sushi again at The Room and watched a bunch of old episodes of Modern Family. 

On Saturday I had my best run to date this year. I felt great the entire time, and I'm really hoping I can keep the momentum going and keep increasing my distance. I think SoulCycle and my weekly hikes have been helping quicken my pace.

Saturday night we played a few rounds of Scattegories and made one of my favorite dinners - scallops, risotto, and spinach.

Sunday I grabbed a hike with a friend (Hi Kristin!), took an afternoon nap, made a yum - and healthy lasagna and obviously tuned into to the Bachelor wedding. I really liked Sean and Catherine and fingers crossed they make it the long haul.

Have a great week!
let go what you can't change


  1. Do the champagne bottles have little funnels to drink from?!

  2. Such a fun weekend! We are big game people and need to try Scattegories. Hope you have a great week!

  3. I need that recipe!!! We love scallops! Sounds like the perfect weekend!

  4. Such a great recap and cute pictures!! Congrats on the run!

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend! That blow dry opening sounds so fun! I wish they had something like that in KC. Well...they probably do, I just wouldn't know since I don't look for it. haha

    So jealous of your awesome run! Mine was horrible this weekend.