5 on Friday



You know what helps a shitty day? A case load of our favorite Milbrandt Vineyards. They had a stellar case deal go through their email list, and I think we got each bottle for something like $17 dollars a bottle. If you are in need of delicious and affordable wine, this is a safe bet.

We leave for NY next Thursday and I am officially excited!! I love the idea of New York in the fall and we have so many fun things planned for our long weekend there. We booked dinner on Friday night at The Breslin  (after drinks with my girl Mallory), Saturday we are spending the day in Westchester and then hoping to snag a table at Ardesia or Waverly Inn. Sunday is a full family day; we're hoping to take our niece and nephew out and then we our celebrating Joel's Aunt's wedding. It'll go quick but I'm so excited for a fun weekend away. 


And, to prepare for our trip, I'm spending my lunch hour today at Bloomingdales to take advantage of the Friends and Family sale.

Umm, caught a few new TV pilots this week, and let's just say I was really disappointed. 
Selfie and Manhattan Love Story?
Manhattan Love Story (2014) Poster
If they last longer than 3 episodes I'm going to fall of my damn chair.

Tonight Joel and I are heading to our favorite wine bar in Santa Monica - Bodega - and then Saturday we're watching football, making pizzas, and enjoying a chill weekend. 
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  1. I love the Waverly Inn, I was just there this week! Their biscuits are soo yummy!

  2. You get to meet Mallory! I'm jealous!!!

  3. Jealous of your NY trip, it is the absolute best in the fall! I was so looking forward to Manhattan Love Story and was SO disappointed! Have a great weekend love!

  4. I could really use some of that wine right now!! Between Bloomies and Tory Burch, my wallet is done for. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I plan to steal your Saturday plans and do the same thing!

  5. I kind of liked Selfie. Lots of second hand embarrassment but I'll give it at least one more episode. The voice overs in Manhattan Love Story annoyed me. I really loved A to Z. I didn't think I would but it was charming. I have to watch it OnDemand though because of DVR conflicts

  6. Jealous of your trip to NYC!! The weather should be perfection. I'm dying for a trip up there soon!

  7. Don't judge me but I think I liked Selfie!! I watched it in the background, so I'm going to have to give it a more thorough watch this week... but I didn't hate it. I have low, low Indiana standards. #donthate