Friday 5


When this post goes live, I'll be a few miles into my 11 mile run. We are leaving the house at 5:15am and I'm finishing my LAST run of half marathon training. I've got lots of thoughts on this topic (you'll hear more later), but I'm just so proud of myself that I've stuck with it. I know I can do this damn thing so I'm ready to 'getter done. 

 You know, I'm not going to lie, this week may have had a bit of a dark cloud over my head. I lost my gold tory burch earring that I wear everyday for the third time. I ordered my third freaking pair which is super annoying....I was tired and grumpy all week...and as I was ironing the couch (you read that correctly), I set the iron on the carpet which apparently has plastic in it, and it all but ruined our brand new iron. And, just for fun, my friggen key cracked in half when I was opening our building door. 

Do you get your moles checked? You really should! Moles can be a scary thing, and I've got tons of um. I got a clean check up this time, and so this year, I'm voting the dermatologist to be the easiest doctor to see. Literally, 12 minutes with the doctor and I was on my merry way.

Tonight, I am hosting a fall-themed girls-only dinner party. To keep it simple, I've asked everyone to bring a fall dish and a bottle of wine, and we are just going to be together. It's been a really long time since my LA group has been in one room, so I'm just excited to see be with all of them. I'm making a fall cocktail, butternut squash ravioli, and individual apple crisps! Details to come!!
Apple Crisp Stuffed Apples - this is what fall is all about! 30 minutes start to finish and the flavor is out of this world amazing! A grown up, Autumn treat. Apple cider champagne cocktail.

On Sunday I head off to Orlando for a 4 day work conference. I don't really want to leave home again, but I'm going to make it fun and focus on the positives. I know there are a lot of business travelers out there - any tips to making the time away from home not so sucky? 



  1. Yay for sticking with your training!! I'm jealous from afar, and I've totally fallen off the running bandwagon. I'm allegedly getting back on it this morning.

  2. I'm so proud of you for sticking with your training! You're going to great at your half!!

    I haven't ever gotten my moles checked and I have a lot of them. I should definitely do that!

    Have fun at your fall dinner party, that sounds like so much fun!

  3. I was just in Orlando for business. I went to Cooper's Hawk which just opened there in September. Highly recommend the cheese plate with the wine flight. They were generous on the wine and CHEAP (although I'm used to Boston prices). Epcot Food and Wine Festival is going on now too! I also found a lot of deals at the J Crew outlet store. love your blog, been reading for awhile. Happy Friday!

  4. SO PROUD of you for sticking with your half marathon training. Way to go, Tess! A fall themed dinner sounds perfect! I may copy you and do the exact same thing! Thanks for the idea! FYI: Your lipstick is ammmmaze balls and you look amazing! I can tell you've lost!

  5. Yay for being so close to finished with your training! And thank you for the dermatologist reminder. I'm notoriously awful in making appointments, mostly because I'm afraid. So thanks for the push I needed to call to make an appointment!

  6. That dark cloud can move ON, that's no fun! Things can only go uphill from here :) I used to travel quite a bit and found that one way to really enjoy it was to venture out of my own and make an adventure happen. A nice restaurant, an outlet mall, a landmark. Have fun!

  7. Awesome job in the run! I was guilted into a 5k (of shame as I'm calling it) complete w costumes in Florida next Sunday. Gulp!

    I travel nonstop and the one thing that mentally helps me when dreading a trip: I take all the Sunday nights into account that I'm not packing / setting a3am alarm. Makes me feel a little better.

    Highly recommend J. crew and Tory outlets in Orlando, wore my silver are as I got there two years ago today :)