Five on Friday

Every single day this week I've thought it was Friday, so I'm glad to finally see it arrive! 

::: 1 :::

I finished The Singles Game this week, and really liked it. It's not a book that's going to change your life, or even really make you think much, but it was an enjoyable light read that I looked forward to reading every chance I got. Just started The Perfect Neighbors and I'm already obsessed. 
::: 2 ::: 
We had a really fun play date this week - made more fun by a few glasses of champagne. I love afternoons filled with girlfriends and babies....even if we are in a constant state of chaos. 

::: 3 :::
I'm not really a make-up girl, so I'm going to start with that....but my sister Nellie is. Every time we are together I dig through her new make-up finds and try to get an idea of what I'm in need of. Her latest discovery has literally changed my life. This Nars concealer is the best concelar I've every tried. I dab a little under my eyes and in a few blotchy red areas and instantly look more refreshed and more awake than I really am. 
Product Image 

::: 4 ::: 
 I'm not sure if its that we are approaching a ONE YEAR birthday, but every night these last few weeks, I've been going in to Leo's nursery to sneak a peek. He is always just the most precious little thing, and the fact that he is always holding on to his "Hip Hip" is literally like a punch in the heart.

::: 5 :::  
 We don't have much going on this weekend. We're being really conscious to keep it low key this week because we have a big week next week. We're going to try and stay home quite a bit, get in a few family workouts, get our stroller tuned up, and sneak in a few park trips. 
Hope you have a great **last July!!!** weekend! 

 Must be Friday.:


  1. Sleep stalking at it's finest! Love it!!!

  2. I'm going to the library tomorrow and need some book ideas, so this is awesome!

  3. Hands down my favorite concealer, its the best!