Whole-ish 30

So I alluded last week that I was doing a version of Whole 30. Mainly, I'm using Whole 30 as the name, but really just cutting out sugar, carbs, and some dairy. 

The first week seemed to actually work. I saw a few pounds drop from the scale and felt like I wasn't going to bed so full and sluggish.

It does make grabbing each meal a little tougher. Spending Sunday prepping chicken, boiling eggs, cutting up fruit and vegetables, helped a lot, but it still takes some extra thought.

Breakfasts included a lot of eggs, which I started to really get sick of by the end of the week, but turkey sausages tasted great each morning. 

Lunches were often leftovers or a salad with fruit. 


I planned out 6 of our 7 dinners (cheated one night while out with my sister), and  felt like I cooked a little outside of my comfort level which was fun too.

Monday - BLT with smashed potatoes (above in pic grid)

first time using cauliflower rice and they were awesome!  

Wednesday Oven Fajitas

Thursday -  Pesto Spaghetti Squash

This was my own concoction and it turned out awesome! Spaghetti squash, pesto, kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes, Italian chicken sausage, and feta cheese (*oops!)

Friday - Jalapeno Turkey Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries 


I also have a month at Core Power yoga, so I'm really hoping the combination has me seeing some results and feeling good.


  1. This all looks so incredible!! I love seeing your food concoctions!! I might have to try that pesto spaghetti squash soon. I love that squash doe spaghetti but I don't cook it enough.

  2. I have been majorly indulgent lately and it shows! I love all these ideas, esp the lettuce with hard boiled egg and bacon, yum! Have a great week love!

  3. Definitely just added the pesto spaghetti squash and jalapeno turkey burgers to my meal plan for next week! If you ever see a spike in your stats for "meal plans" and "bumpdates," that would be me just doing research haha :)

  4. All of your meals look really good!!! The pesto spaghetti squash = yes!

  5. Nice - love how everything looks so good, but think I would have a hard time without the rolls and carbs. I LOVE breads. But good job. Keep it up! I hope you enjoy the yoga.

  6. That BLT with smashed potatoes look so delish! Yum! We need to get together again soon! XX