Birthday Party Inspiration

When I first started to think about Leo's first birthday party, I had originally planned on doing a picnic at a local park. Our apartment is just too small to have tons of friends and family over, and for the most part, I wanted to keep the party simple. 

After going through the logistics of setting up a party in the park (short version: a pain), we decided to take the party to a cute pizza place a few blocks from our house. 

Leo's birthday (and his party) are on Saturday, so I've spent some time this week putting together a few little crafts to make his party feel special. We're going to keep it low key, but I plan to bring in a few small touches from the inspiration board above to make his party come together. 

I worked with Josie at VivaLaLovely on Etsy (her shop seems to be down currently) to make these custom invites and she totally nailed the exact look and feel I was going for. 

It won't be a Pintrest-Perfect party, but I'm really excited to celebrate with all of our LA people that have made this year the best of our lives.


  1. A pizza party! Such a cute idea. Can't wait to see how it comes together.

  2. So stinking cute! You cannot go wrong with babies, red gingham and pizza :) I can't wait to see the recap photos - a perfect party to me is a NON-Pinterest-perfect party, so you do you and celebrate your sweet boy!

  3. It will be perfect! Pinterest perfect parties kind of freak me out. Love the invites!!!

  4. Can't wait!!! The invite is on our fridge!

  5. Oh this is SO cute! Can't wait to see pictures!!