::: My baby turns one this week......It's so bittersweet. It's been the best year ever and he has brought more joy than I could have ever imagined, so I'm sad to see this year go. I also can't stop thinking about what I was doing last year this week. I remember everything so vividly and going back and reading through my old blog posts has been really fun.

::: Going through the old posts has me not hating the idea of being pregnant again.  We're not ready - but it's nice to finally not be dreading going through that process again.

::: Life has been all sorts of crazy. We've had tons of guests (friends are here now from Iowa, actually), tons of trips, and have felt like we've just been in a hamster wheel. I leave Monday for 3.5 weeks in Chicago and I have A LOT to do in order to get ready for it.

::: Leo has been on quite a few airplanes, but each age scares me more than the last time he flew. I have a feeling this flight is going to be pretty exhausting. I'm planning to save a few of his birthday toys to pull out on the flight for some novelty, keep him eating and drinking bottles whenever he will take them, and crossing my fingers he will nap in the ergo. I'll be earning my keep around here I have a feeling.

::: I am so excited to be in Chicago during early October! The weather for next week looks like absolute perfection and I'm giddy at the chance to put Leo in some darling sweaters and pants! 

::: I have my first ever Maid of Honor speech coming up in a few weeks and its starting to give me some anxiety. Any tips for how to write a sweet, cute, easy, and touching speech (besides not drinking too many glasses of champagne?

::: Can we go back to the part where Leo is turning one this week? Like, what the hell!!!!!!!!!

::: I still have no idea what he is wearing to his birthday party. We're having a causal party on Saturday, but I just haven't found the right thing for him. I don't want to invest too much money in a "I'm One" outfit since he won't wear it too often, but I may just end up going that route since I'm waiting for the last minute.

::: I'm so glad that fall TV is back! Joel and I don't have tons of shows that we watch, but we both love Modern Family, Black-ish, and a few other light comedies that we're ready to see again. And I'm still very much so obsessed with Kim and Kroy and think they're adorable (although she needs to stop ruining her face).

::: My workouts and eating are so off lately. I'm blaming my hectic schedule, but it has me feeling like shit lately. I need to be better about not letting off routine weeks throw off my health, but they have been and I need to fix that before I do some serious damage.

::: I really want to grab a wifi SIM card and start using my DSLR a little more often. Obviously the iPhone is so handy, but my nice camera is collecting dust and it would be nice to have a few really quality pictures of Leo.

::: When I got back from Austin, I was so excited to see Leo and after the first minute, he wanted nothing to do with me! It broke my heart! Every time Joel would walk out of a room, Leo would burst into tears and only wanted to be held by daddy! He really made me pay for leaving him for 3 days!!



  1. I did my first MOH speech a few months ago at my sister's wedding. When I would sit down to write, I felt like everything was so cheezy so I ended up writing a poem that rhymed. Some parts were funny and some were sweet. And I didn't have to worry about getting emotional or nervous because it was fun to read out loud!

  2. For your speech, think of one thing that makes you burst out laughing about your cousin and one thing that makes you tear up about her. Try to include both and you'll be fine. And practice in the mirror!

    Can you tell me about your DSLR? I'm thinking we should get a 'real' camera for when the baby arrives but I also know I will not be lugging around a huge MFer.

    ONE YEAR OLD I can't believe it. I was scrolling through MY phone photos and saw the pic of me holding Leo a few weeks after he was born... so teeny tiny!!! I had Feels.

  3. I've done a few, and I think the key is start out funny, end sweet. Keep it reasonably short as well. And props always help if you can incorporate them. Funny picture blown up, favorite food, something they always have or are wearing.

    Can't believe Leo is one! He is the cutest!

  4. Your trip to Austin looked so amazing. I've never been but always wanted to go. You look like you nailed all the hot spots. How can our babies really be one??? it goes by too fast. You and leo will do great heading to Chicago! I can't say enough good things about the wifi card for DSLR. I promise you will be sad one day looking back at only iPhone photos of Leo because they just don't print well!!! xoxo

  5. I hear you on the bittersweet 1st birthday! For me, it was a relief, almost, because I felt like wow...I CAN do this! But then I realized I'd never have that first birthday again, and I lost it. But in regards to your WiFi card for the DSLR...you won't regret it! I've been taking more pics with my DSLR now, and I'm so grateful to have it because the photos are so much better!

  6. For your speech, keep it short, and don't rely on inside jokes... they might be funny to the bride, but no one else in the room will get the joke. The best speeches I've heard have told a funny or cute story about the bride, and ended with something sweet about the couple. Also, speak slowly and loudly! It doesn't matter how great your speech is if no one can hear/understand it.

  7. I am also on the side of keeping it short, clever and sweet. I have done a few, and I think when I stick to those rules, the speeches were better received. For a sec I though I missed a prego announcement. How is he one!? Jeez. Time flies. Fletch is 8 months! Not sure how that happened either...