Christmas 2016

I guess the special thing about Christmas is that it only happens once a year, but dang is it my most favorite few days. 

Our Christmas Eve started pretty early so that Joel could get in line at Santa Monica Seafood to get lobster, crab, and some other goodies. He left before 6:30am, and was already 40th in line when he pulled up! 

Thankfully he got what he came for, and brought us home a little treat. 

The morning was spent getting ready for our big dinner. We hosted four other families for cocktail hour and dinner, and somehow I was able to find away to make one big table for all of us. 


Before I knew it, it was 3pm and our friends started to arrive.


We opened up a magnum of champagne, the kids played with each other and everyone else's toys, and the boys and girls quickly found separate rooms to chat in. It was pretty perfect. 

These girls and our babies have truly become family and it was incredibly special to be together on Christmas Eve.

 At one point, all of the moms and kids were in Leo's room singing Christmas carols and watching the kids shake their booty's and truly everything was right in the world.

Right around 5:30, Joel and I assumed our positions in the kitchen to try and get dinner ready. On the menu was a seafood tower, beef tenderloin, and a mushroom truffle ravioli.

We opened another really delicious magnum of wine for dinner, everyone took their seats, and we all indulged in an amazing dinner. 

After apple pie, most everyone left to get home and set cookies and milk out for Santa to visit them.

My cousins Erin and Danny stayed for a few extra hours/glasses and then finally around 11pm, Joel and I started to clean up process......which meant we were really freaking tired come Christmas morning. 

I gave Leo his bottle next to the Christmas tree that morning and really tried to soak up the moment. minutes I had lit all of our candles, had the Christmas music playing, and we just sat there with the glow of the tree while Joel and Roscoe were on a walk. It was one of my most favorite parts of the day. I just sat there smelling my sweet, healthy, beautiful baby and gave thanks for our abundance of blessings.

We took our time that morning opening presents, drinking coffee, and facetiming with Grandparents. 


After all of the presents were opened and the cinnamon rolls had been consumed, we got ready for 9:30 mass. 

Church is just around the block from us, so we thought it would be a good idea to have Leo walk there to try and burn off some energy before the service. 

And while we had good intentions, this wild man could really only last in 5-10 minute bursts, so Joel and I took turns taking this guy out of church to run around.

 After we got home, we had an easy brunch at home before Leo and I both took a much needed nap! 


We walked to our neighbors house for a glass of champagne around 5pm and then came home, had leftovers, put on our comfy clothes and watched basketball. 


It was the most perfect Christmas for our family and I hope it was for yours too.

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