The Festivities Continue

Saturday morning we took a super cold and windy hike with my cousins Nick and Dre who were in LA for a holiday party.


And while it was really cold - it made for the most spectacular views. 

We had coffee and bagels with them and as they left, Joel's brother Andrew and his family walked in.  

We spent the day hanging out with them, Corie and I snuck away to get a much needed mani/pedi, and then her and I took our boys down to my girlfriend Shelby's house for a little holiday get together.

Shelby had a cute little cookie decorating station set up and the four kids just jammed together and we indulged in some champagne and crab dip! 

It was the perfect little party and all of the kids got on together so well. As Leo gets older, watching him interact with big and little kids is one of my most favorite things. 

He is a lucky little boy to have so many adorable friends.

And after a really adorable Christmas concert, we forced them to take a few group photos.

Every year with the San Diego Shields crew we do pizzas as our Christmas tradition. While Corie and I were with the boys, Joel and Andrew pulled together dinner. This year was especially meaningful, and the 6 and a half (since my niece will be arriving in 6 weeks!) had an emotional, amazing, and fun Christmas dinner.


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  1. Hey! Snap Stalker Q- Have you ever shared the recipe to the yellow chicken curry (I think that's what it was)? Will you send me the link if it's not too much trouble? It looked so yum in your snap! Merry Christmas!