Leo - Month 20


Weight: 24lbs

Nicknames: Leeman, Lee-Lee, Wee-whoa
Clothes: 18 months clothes, and we have gotten away with a few 18-24 month shirts from Gap if I roll the sleeves once. Pants are now all 18-24, still a size 4 diaper although its probably our last box before we move to 5's. Still wearing size 5 shoes
Sleep:  You are a really great sleeper, pretty predictable in the fact that you take one 2/3hr nap and sleep from 7-7. I will say that it takes you almost an hour at night to fall asleep. You don't cry or whine, but we watch you stir and play before your eyes finally shut. You love your Hip Hip and can't sleep without him.

7:00am - Up and Bottle (we are slowly transitioning this away), you are getting about 5oz now and will continue to do so for a month (because Dad and I are total babies and don't want to give it up) and then we'll switch you to a sippy cup.
8:00am Breakfast- you looove waffles!
9-12am play
11:30am/12pmish- lunch
1:00 pm nap
3:15pm snack & playtime
6:00pm dinner with a cup of milk
6:30 pm bath
7:15 pm  bed

Health: You had a healthy month for the most part. A few days here and there of a runny nose but nothing that kept ya down!

Crying: You get frustrated and whine, but for the most part, you are pretty easy to soothe.

Feeding:  This month you loved cherries, you surprised me one dinner with eating a tonnn of chicken (which is the first time in months you've even tried it!), and I've resorted to smoothies to get extra fruit and veggies into you. You love pasta, avocados, yogurt, cherries, blueberries, peanut butter, egg-ys, crackers, cheese, and papa's pizzas (english muffin pizzas).

Likes:  You like to move. You like to be on the move, constantly. You love to "walk" and be "ousside", you love to point at everything we see and will repeat it until I acknowledge that I, too, say the "lawnmower, tree, dog, water, duck....etc, etc.. You love to be around people, you are not shy, you are a total lover, and you love to play and explore with new things. You've also really started to enjoy coloring and playing with stickers which has been fun.

Milestones: New words and this month you started to put a few sentences together. You'll say "Hi Roro", "Hi Coco", and a few days ago you said "Mama Shoes", when you found my shoes. You say "pwease", when prompted, which is darling, and even learned a few newer and more obscure body parts (eyebrows, shoulders, knees). You love to point out people's accessories too (earrings, watch, ring). You're observant and smart as a whip.

You love to sing the "Open Shut Them" song at dinner and sway your head and do all of the movements as we sing it to you.

Places You’ve Gone: We were home all month but we had quite a few out of town visitors! Big Tucker came to see our house and spend time with you from California, and we got to see the Pressentin family too who came in from LA as well for a sleep over!

Visitors: See above :)

Roscoe: Same as last month, but it's truly the sweetest thing ever....In the morning, after your bottle, Roscoe sits right above the chair that I feed you on in our living room. As soon as your down with the bottle, you start petting him sweetly, talking in this cute little voice saying "Roro", and you kiss him and cuddle him for like 5 or 10 minutes. It's one of my most favorite times of the day...it's absolutely precious. 
You two will also chase each other and you both go absolutley insane. You think Roscoe is just hysterical and when he barks you will tell him "no no".
 Where is the time going my sweet boy? It's truly freaking me out just how close we are to TWO. I cannot wrap my head around it! It is very true what they say about the day's being long but the year's being so, so, so short.

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