Memorial Weekend Recap

We had the quintessential summer weekend....the kind of weekend we moved home for honestly. 

We'll skip Friday, because I tried to do a "Day in the Life" post, so I'll see if I can pull that together for later this week. 

Saturday morning I went with my mom and family to watch my cousin Gia graduate from high school. The same high school I went to, although she was a far more decorated graduate than I was. She had cords for every honor (above 4.0GPA, National Honors Society, 5 AP tests, and more) and we were all so, so proud of her.

She is going to the University of Arizona next year and we are really going to miss her. She hangs with us a few times a week, sits for Leo, and is just a generally amazing person to be around.

 *also, how much better quality is the iphone 7+! 

After lunch we headed back to my house, my sisters came in from the city and we ordered pizzas and hung out. The weather was spectacular most of the weekend, and I finally put water in the water table for Leo, which kept him fully entertained for almost two hours! 

Sunday morning, we had coffee with my sisters, and then went over to my parents house for brunch before my sisters headed back into the city.

Joel and I took Leo for a bike ride around the lake which has been our favorite workout lately. 

That Sunday afternoon we went over to a friend's house for a Memorial Day BBQ. A lot of our friends here have young kids so Leo was in absolute heaven as we had wine and watched the kids and dad run around the yard and hit baseballs. 



Sunday morning, thanks to all of that fun at the BBQ, Leo slept in until 8:15 which was glorius! I had two cups of coffee in bed, and then when Leo got up, we decided to ride our bikes with my mom into downtown Crystal Lake to watch the Memorial Day Parade.

Joel's parents met us there, we paid tribute to those that serve and have served, and enjoyed the beautiful morning.


Sunday afternoon I ran a few errands while Joel and his dad fixed our playset, and then we grilled out and hung with Joel's dad for the night. 

After we put Leo down for a nap we decided to break in our fire pit. We took our drinks and the goods for 'smores and capped off the weekend perfectly. 

PS. Also....I started Younger. It's so good. I'm almost wrapping up season 1 and have loved every episode.


  1. Congrats to your cousin! And I love that Leo is obsessed with the water table. 2 hours, that's impressive!

  2. Your weekend sounds so lovely! My boyfriend was on duty during the parade--he said it was really nice. Also, great news about Younger. People keep telling me to watch it, but I haven't gotten around to it. I will now!


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