four years ago today, Joel and I got married! 

It's pretty wild to think about how much life we have lived together in just the last four years since that perfect day in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. 

But as I think back on this past year, I'm mainly just thankful that my 18year old self saw such a good thing when she found it.

We set out to do a lot in this past year (like buy a house, and move back to Illinois, and risk things at work, and make new friends, and etc. etc. etc.) and together, we did. It's been a big year of adventure, and change, and heartache and excitement, but since Joel has been by my side, I've felt steady despite the massive changes. 

Joel is the most helpful, hardest working, goofiest, driven, loving person I could have ever dreamed to marry and I'm so glad I did. 

Cheers to four years, Joely



  1. Happy happy anniversary!! Wishing you many more years of love, happiness and adventure together!

  2. Since you were 18 you've known him?! That is awesome! Cheers to such a fun couple!

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