Leo - Month 21


Weight: 24lbs

Nicknames: Leeman, Lee-Lee, Wee-whoa
Clothes: We're pretty steady moving into only 24mth territory. I had to buy you a new swim diaper because the 18mth one was leaving deep red grooves in your skin, your PJs are all starting to look a little too tight, and I bought a few new shirts for you all in size 2t! Your diapers are now size 5 and we have 1 more box of overnight diapers size 4 before we move to you to 5's there too. Still rocking a size 5 shoe.
Sleep:  We had a few early mornings this month so we have been letting you stay up until about 7:20 now. You play and roll around in your bed at night for at least 45 minutes before you finally close your eye and fall asleep, but you don't make a peep, so I think it's just your downtime that you so desperately need. You are non-stop unless you're sleeping little one!

7:00am - Up and NO MORE baba! You are such a rockstar and really don't seem to mind having "milky" in your cup instead of your baba. We still make a moment of it with a blanket and we cuddle, but it only lasts about a minute before you see your toys and you head off to the races!
8:00am Breakfast- you looove waffles!
9-12am play
11:30am/12pmish- lunch
1:00 pm nap
3:15pm snack & playtime
6:00pm dinner with a cup of milk
6:30 pm bath
7:15 pm  bed

Health: Not a fun month. For about a week you had a runny nose, a low grade fever, and your hands in your mouth constantly. You were cutting your eye teeth and it was miserable. Then, which I know you were the carrier (by the way), I landed myself with strep throat. It was literal hell, and I was in bed for almost 4 days. One of those days (Thursday), dad took you to Panera for dinner so you could get out of the house. When you came into my room to say goodnight, you looked like hell, and we decided to take your temp. It was 104! 
Thankfully by Friday, I was feeling somewhat better and was able to be with you (you had been with sitters and we chalked some of your crankiness up to that).  Friday, you were off, and your fever was sky high when your motrin dose ran up. It hadn't broke by Friday night and was still getting so high when your meds wore off (as high at 104.7 which freaked me out!). You were up in the night and it just was awful.

Saturday morning we got you in to see your doctor at 9am. I told her I had strep and she suspected you did too. 15 minutes after your first swab, and sure enough, strep it was.

Here's the good thing about strep, we got your morning dose in, put you down for an early nap, and FOUR AND A HALF HOURS later, I finally woke you up from your nap, you were in a puddle of your sweat from breaking your fever, and were basically like new! 

It was your first experience with antibiotics and I was happy that we had no side effects. You did pass it along to Coco as well who has been down this week from it, but I'm hoping we keep the Strep bug at bay for a long, long time.

Crying:  see above for explanation.
Feeding:  You've loved peaches, smoothies and pizza this month!

Likes:  You are LOVING the water! It's almost hard to walk past the lake because sometimes you'll throw a fit if we aren't going swimming. You are fearless during swim lessons, love getting your face wet and drinking all of the water, you love being on the boat, going for bike rides, playing with chalk, playing with your water table, and dancing! 
Not Liking: Sand.
Milestones: We are in the new word every day phase and I love it. Plus, a few more 2-word sentence popped out lately including "me happy" and "eat pasta". 

You are learning how to catch and throw balls, have been playing with your new baseball bat quite a bit this month, and your coloring/chalk/fine motor skills are impressive as well.

You are starting to identify colors which is crazy, and you are working really hard on your ABC's. You basically sound like you are saying "A E I O U", but it's impressive to your mother nonetheless! 

Another really interesting milestone this month has been your awareness of "pee and poopoo". Not all of the time, but a good amount of time, you will let us know what's going on and understand that it's time to change your diaper. I do not have potty training on the radar AT ALL, but I do think this is an important step in that process.
Places You’ve Gone: We were home all month
Visitors: See above :)
Roscoe: Still your best buddy.

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