Five on Friday

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I've admitted this to a few people and was given very dramatic, and negative, reactions in return but....I'm ready for fall. I know that fall means winter, and winter means horrible, but I haven't experienced a fall in now almost six years and I'm damn near EAGER to get it started! Ah..... sweaters and boots (that I need to buy), the start of football season, the fall activities we get to experience this year, chili and Sam Adams Oktoberfest....just the whole damn thing. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is admitting that this precious pie will somehow be 2.

::: 2 :::
I think what got me in the fall state of mind today was the fact that I spent a good chunk of the afternoon cooking. I haven't been cooking much this summer, but I wanted to get a dinner to friends who just had a baby so I decided to make a ton of enchiladas. My dad had been out of town, so I figured my mom could use some dinner, and since I was at it, I may as well make a frozen dinner for us as well. Stocking the freezer is one of my favorite ways to spend a day, and for whatever reason, typically happens in the fall, so that's what I'm blaming.

Either way, I used this really easy recipe for the enchiladas, tripled it, and added jalapenos and was able to get 4 solid dinners out of it! 

::: 3 :::

This week we made it back for the second week in a row to Music at the Beach. It happens every Tuesday night in the summer where a band comes to Main Beach, and everyone picnics and enjoys the night. The kids can swim or play in the sand, and tons of families and friends come to drink and get together. Both times we've gone we've ended up seeing neighbors, meeting new people, and seeing old friends so it's been a really fun thing to do. Sometimes it feels like a hassle to get dinner packed up, leave the house at 6:00pm on a Tuesday night, and get to bed later than I would like for the beginning of the week, but I'm forcing myself to stop thinking like that. Life's short.....go to the damn beach Tess! 


::: 4 ::: 
Have you seen the trailer for Bad Mom's 2? It's a Christmas themed plot and the preview looks every bit as funny as the first one. Watch here

::: 5 ::: 
It was my sister Nellie's birthday yesterday and so tomorrow the whole fam is heading into the city to spend the day with her. We are going to hit up the zoo in the morning if the weather holds out and then spend the afternoon having lunch, popping into her pool party, and then have an early dinner before heading back to the burbs. I'm either going to have Leo skip a nap all together, or put him down for an hour at my sisters, but either way, I'm so looking forward to getting down there. We haven't had Leo in the city at all since we moved back, so I'm excited to show him our favorite spots. 
Hope you have a great weekend! 

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  1. Bad mom's Christmas looks so good!! I cannot wait to see it! Yum to those enchiladas!! That's my go-to meal for new mom friends and one of my favorites to make for us.

  2. I feel the same way about fall! Can't wait but also don't want it to arrive because somehow my baby will be 2! Those enchiladas looks delish and so smart of you to make big batches and freeze them. Sounds like y'all have a fun weekend planned!

  3. I'm 100% on board with fall coming right now. I've never been a big fan of summer, so fall can last 6 months long! I love the freeze idea! I always made two trays on enchiladas but we end up eating them for two meals a day for d.a.y.s. I'm going to freeze the second tray next time! Happy weekend.

  4. Preach on the fall. I hate summer because of the heat. lol