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Last weekend we went into the city on Saturday for my sister Nell's 24th birthday. She had a party at The Robey, but she wanted to spend the first half of her day with Prince Leo. After stopping at her apartment in Lincoln Park, we all walked over to the zoo. Leo was SO excited, the entire morning we was just giddy, and getting to see the animals through his eyes was so much fun for all of us.


Leo loved the monkeys and the lion, and the entire week afterward we asked him what his favorite animal was...and apparently it was the zebra. 

He did great, had so much fun, and we lasted at the zoo for a little over two hours before we headed to lunch at Parlor in Wicker Park. 



Leo wasn't spoiled at all. 

After lunch, the whole family left to go party at The Robey with about 50 of Nell's friends. 
Thankfully, Leo was able to sneak in a nap at his Aunt Hannah's and I think he fell asleep in about 12 seconds from his head hitting the bed.

We brought Leo to The Robey's Cabana Club for like an hour (maybe not the best parenting call), but it was really fun and he was absolutely a crowd pleaser.  

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 Our neighbors were having a garage sale this week and we scooped half of this awesome toy storage piece for fifteen dollars! I stuck it in our playroom and need to organize it, but I think it will perfect. I ordered some chalkboard stickers for the front which I think will add a cute touch.


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 I have Leo starting a 2year pre-school in the fall. He technically isn't a 2 year old by September 1 (Illinois' cut off), but the school we have him at are fine with letting Leo go for it, with the notion that he will have to repeat either the 2 or 3year program at some point. 

With that being said, I'm so excited for Leo. I think he will flourish in a classroom and I'm excited for him to meet new friends and for all the fun things he is going to learn. We got his schedule for the school year, and I'm already overly excited for our farm and pumpkin visit at the end September.

And of course he is going to need a new backpack!

 ::: 4 ::: 
This week Leo and I were lucky to have some visitors with us during the week. My cousin Amanda spent the night on Monday and then was able to join us at music class on Tuesday and then on Thursday, we spent the morning with JJ at starbucks and then the park. 

Leo is the first little buddy for most of my friends groups and I just feel so lucky and honored that all of these people love my baby as well as they do. 

::: 5 :::
 We are off to Iowa this weekend to visit Joel's brother and sister-in-law, and their new (4th!) baby. I'm really excited for a little road trip with my boys and just excited for a little change of scenery.

Hope you have a great weekend too!  

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  1. I think I posted twice? That is a fab deal on the toy storage! Leo will love school!