Drew - Month 7


Weight: You're starting to chunk up a bit, even though you're still a tiny pixie. My guess would be 14.5lbs?
Clothes: Still rocking mostly 3-6 months and 6 months...although now in Gap clothes you are in 6-12 months. You are wearing a size 3 diaper now too. 
Nicknames: Drewbie - and it's almost what Leo calls you primarily which we find to be the cutest thing ever.
Sleep:  You're a great sleeper. I would say you pretty much do 7pm-7am. Naps are all over the place but I sort of don't care. 
Schedule: I am SO much more lax with you than I was with Leo. It's honestly just impossible for us to have a strict morning schedule, and I'm just ok with that for this round.
7am - Bottle #1
8:30am - breakfast
  9:30/10am- nap
11am- Bottle #2
10:30-1:00pm - play/cat naps/lunch while we are out and about
  2pm-Bottle #3
2:30pm-4:30pm -Nap
4:45pm- Feed/play/bath
5:45pm- Dinner
6:30pm-Bottle #4
7pm - Bed 

Health:  We are SO thankful for your perfect health but we did have a little blip on the screen. On your 6 month doctors visit, it quickly turned from a well check to a sick check. After breakfast (oatmeal), you were having a bottle and then projectile vomited the entire thing. I thought maybe it was just too much but you continued to be violently sick for the next 2 hours. You retched ever 90 seconds for the entire time and it was absolutley horrible. Coco came to take Leo over to Mimi and Grandpa's so that she could assist me at the doctor. I was freaked out. The doc had me treat it like a stomach bug and later that night - you were totally fine. 

One week later, after an oatmeal breakfast - the EXACT - same reaction. I called the doctor, explained what happened, did a google search (found out this actually happens to quite a few babies), and we're pulling oatmeal (obviously) for a while. I'm nervous to try another grain with you, but we're going to do rice and quinoa this month and see how they go. 

We're not calling it an allergy quite yet, but we'll try again once you're one and hope like hell it's gone.
Crying:  You are the easiest, sweetest, happiest baby I've ever been around.
Feeding: We stopped nursing. It was time. After every nursing session you wanted more from a bottle, and then eventually wanted nothing to do with nursing. As sad as I was, it's very freeing to have that chapter closed too. Weaning hurt a little more this time than it did with Leo, but after 2 weeks, I was pretty much back to my old self. 

You are now taking four, 8oz bottles of Holle formula.
Likes: Still the MVP around here. You like everything and everyone - but you're favorite person is Leo. You just light up when you see him. 

Other than that, you like sucking your thumb, getting food everywhere, baths with your brother, crawling around, and being around people.
Dislikes: Oatmeal.
Milestones:  You sit really well. If you have enough toys in front of you, I would venture to guess you could sit for 5-ish minutes? Often times though, you end up sitting, and then find a way to start scooting to the next toy.

I wouldn't technically call this crawling - but I guess it is, because you can make your way around the entire house - but you are scooting everywhere! You're strong and fast and have started moving SO much faster than your brother did (he was 10.5 months).

You are rocking your booty on all fours, so I would guess you'll be classic crawling in weeks.
Places You’ve Gone: We were in the city quite a bit this month - and on Thursday, we are taking just you to California to meet our California crew. They cannot wait to get their hands on you!
Postpartum: I'm hoping the lack of breastfeeding can help me get back to per-pregnancy weight, but I still have about 7-8 pounds to go. I'm exercising a ton this summer, but I haven't done a diet which I think is what it's going to take to lose the last bit. I keep saying "next month".
Leo: You guys love each other - and every morning Leo asks me "does Drewbie want to play with me?". He likes you near him, until you start swiping his trucks ;)
Drew, you make all of our days brighter and we love you so, so much


  1. She’s such a cutie! I’m so sorry about the oatmeal allergy. It is so scary and heartbreaking, but hopefully she will outgrow it soon.

  2. She’s the sweetest! And what a big trip coming up for her!