Holiday Bucket List

I was going to title this one "winter" bucket list - but winter is a whole other ball game....and for me...is one that starts after the holiday season (around January 7th-ish). 

ha ha ..... love it!

So from now, until the New Year, I want to try and get in as many festive things as I possibly can. Our weekends are already filled, but there are a few things I'm really looking forward to getting in this year, and some that may just not happen, but I figure if I write them down, chances are at least a little improved that we get to them!

::: Turkey Trot 5k :::

I have been running these (I've missed 2) for now almost 13 years! It's the perfect way to start Thanksgiving morning - and this year should be no different. Right now the forecast is looking good - chilly but not horrible - so Joel and I are planning on dropping the kids off at my house and then meeting up with some friends to get our run in. 


and I doubt this year I'll run with Ben Affleck ;) 

::: Zoo Lights at Lincoln Park Zoo :::

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When Joel and I lived in the city - well before we were married - we would always have a date night at Zoo Lights. You bundle up, taking a spiked hot chocolate through the zoo, and just take in the beautiful decorations of the entire zoo. It's really spectacular. This year we are going to take the kids, both sets of grandparents, and my sisters. We're planning on going early, having dinner in the city, and then changing into Christmas jammies and driving home. 

::: Gingerbread House building :::

Styling #typography #photography

This - along with making and decorating Christmas cookies - is something I love doing with my girlfriends and kids. It's the perfect play date. Mom's can enjoy a glass of champagne and the kids actually stay somewhat busy crafting. Normally after 15 minutes, the moms end up taking over, but it's a really fun activity.

::: ELF begins! :::

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Joel and I LOVE this movie. I've been trying to find it on Freeform to record it, but I haven't spotted it yet. It's my favorite movie to watch the night before Thanksgiving - and then a few more times before Christmas too. I'm hoping I can get Leo into a few Christmas movies this year too - but I'd be surprised if he could sit through this one.  

::: Festival of Lights in Downtown Crystal Lake :::

comfort & joy

This is a really fun night in CL. We did it last year - and it's so funny - everything seems way more fun this year since I'm not pregnant! Ha! But, this little parade is downtown, Santa makes an appearance and a ton of our friends with kids are going to go. I think afterwards we'll all plan to meet up for pizza and drinks which makes for an even better parade.

::: Brunch with Santa :::

This is something I have done since I was a little kid. My parents country club puts together a pretty nice brunch, everyone gets pretty dressed up, and then the kids get to meet with Santa and Mrs. Claus and take home a little gift. 

::: Donating ::::

Thanksgiving Style DIY

My favorite way to donate during the holiday season is to pick an Angel to shop for. I love being able to adopt a specific child in need and cover some basics and provide a few special things to make their holiday season a little bright too. I'm hoping Leo can get the idea of this too and start this tradition with him as well. 

::: High Tea :::

This was a little easier when we were living in LA, because we lived so close to so many nice hotels that offered the perfect high tea spread. Now, we have to go into the city, so my mom and I talked about meeting my sisters downtown for a kid free, holiday afternoon which sounds pretty lovely - so I'm hoping we can get to it!  

:::: Matching & Christmas Jammies :::

I love having the kids in Christmas PJs, and I may love them matching even more. I tried to find some pretty gender neutral ones for them to match in, and then they each got a more silly, Christmas-y pair too to wear as well. 

I'll also be really excited to see what school does this holiday season for Leo too. It's fun time of the year, and I think I grow to love the holidays more and more with kids getting a little older and really getting into it too. 

I'd love to know if there are any traditions I should be adding to my list! 

Anais Lee's sketch makes me super excited for the holidays! The First Steps of Hand-Lettering: Concept to Sketch - Class Feed - Skillshare


  1. Unfortunately ELF isn't on Freeform this year. AMC bought the rights so look for it on there.

  2. This entire post makes me happy! (especially that first photo hahaha)