Thursday Thoughts

::: Well, I made my first trip to urgent care this week as an adult with a pretty nasty cut that ended up needing 4 stitches. I was making Pumpkin Turkey Chili and had opened one of the cans of northern beans and had been draining them in the sink. I popped the lid up and then went to go help the kids. Came back to the sink, went to grab the can, and sliced the crud out of my thumb. I knew instantly I had to get stitches, so I called my mom and about 20 minutes later was driving myself to the doctor. Thankfully it was really fast, not horribly painful, and I was back home before the kids were even up from naps. It could've been much worse! 

Only problem with it - it totally ruined my bowling plans for Friday night! Joel and I had planned a bowling date, but that went through the window unfortunately. 

::: Before I had cut my thumb - I did make Natalie's Broccoli Ceaser salad - and it did not disappoint. I've had it almost all week for lunches. I ended up buying pre-made chicken from Trader Joe's and added shredded carrots and kale to her recipe to beef it up a little. It's a great salad if you're in need! 

::: I've had my gym on a 1 year maternity leave and for the most part it's been great. I wasn't working out in the early part of the year, and then this summer I was really lucky to be able to play tennis and get plenty of walks and runs outside. Now though, it's cold out, and I'm missing my gym something FIERCE! I only have to wait 6 weeks, I an know I can do it, but it's driving me nuts lately to not be able to get solid workouts in.

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::: If you follow me on insta (@teatimewithtess) you probably see my insta stories for the damn Deer farm we live on right now. It's mating season and we have had our FAIR share of mating righttttttt in the backyard. These boys are not shy and not very polite either.

::: Joel is trying to convince me to get ride of our cable package. We really only watch about 6-7 channels, and he claims there are plenty of other services we could be using. Do you have any that you recommend? My number one concern is Bravo, naturally. 

::: Speaking of that - major shout out to Jodi who commented to tell me that Freeform wasn't playing this year on Freeform. I had no joke been looking for it for days on my DVR. I did find it - it'll be on AMC and from what I can see will first show on 11/26 at 7pm! 

:: We are decking the halls this weekend! If you couldn't tell from my last post - I'm ready to officially get into the spirit!

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Hope you are having a great week and with an even better weekend forecast!


  1. We still have cable bc Theo can't get rid of red channel or whatever it's called but we also have a Firestick and have the channels apps downloaded so you can still watch shows. Like Bravo and Disney Jr. Honestly we do that more than actual live TV so we should probably get rid of our cable!

  2. Oh my word. I hope your thumb heals quickly and doesn't cause too many issues. That salad looks great. I'll have to try it. We haven't had anything but Netflix/Amazon/Hulu for over 3 years and while it was difficult at first (I loved Bravo shows!) i honestly don't miss is now. I can find plenty of kids shows on those above streaming services and my kids don't know any different.

  3. That salad looks so yummy!! Absolutely love the quote, definitely something I'm working on with age that and learning to say No! Harder than you'd think lol. If mom and dad knew their xfinity login information we could all be mooching!!!!!