Put a cork in it

I have somewhat of a wine theme going on in my kitchen so I thought saving our wine corks and doing something creative with them would make a great addition to the whole room.

Right now they are accumulating in a simple bowl on the microwave and it's time I put these pretties to use.

Here were a few inspiration idea's I gathered while doing some blog stalking research:

I think I'll either fill some glass vases with the corks or create a wreath of some sort.

What do you think of decorating with wine corks?

My Dad once told my mom that she shouldn't "collect the evidence" because it made them look like drunks!

I'm even thinking of putting the corked wreath on the front door....

Does this project a bad image?

Help a wino out!


  1. these are clever ideas!! I like decorating with wine corks in small doses, like using them for placeholders or in a candle holder for a wine and cheese party. We kept them in bowl in my apartment last year over the microwave too and then one of friends hot glued them together to make a picture frame of her and her Dad at a vineyard together.

  2. I have been doing the same thing. I have a large candle holder filled with corks and have been searching for a project to do with them. I like the wreath idea and I've always wanted to do make a cork board!

  3. I have a huge thing of corks too! Although a lot of mine in college were champagne corks (so classy!) so that totally throws everything off.

  4. HEY! I've been catching up on your blog today - we have been going non-stop! So glad you're feeling better after your fainting incident - very scary! I need to have a grown up physical, too. Glad you posted about that! Anyway hope youre doing great! pS. I like the wreath!!!

  5. How cleaver are all the ways to use corks. I am adoring the wreath!


  6. I've been seeing these ideas all over! Love them all!!!

  7. I am obsessed with wine corks. My husband made me a really cool wine cork tray a few years ago for Christmas. Coasters are also a fun and easy idea. I have a 4 ft champagne glass in my dining room that collects corks. It is serious! No judgement here, in fact I think we would be real life bff's drinking wine and saving corks! Here is an old post I wrote dedicated to wine themed gifts and corks :) http://headoverheels-laur1617.blogspot.com/2009/01/taste-lifeits-delicious.html

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  9. I have a ton of corks too. I like the look of that candle holder and wreath! I was at a winery this weekend and they were selling corks with magnets glued on the back for $2.50 each...psshhhh how easy would that be to make?!