Summer wish list

I've been piling a high list of some summer wants, and was all excited to go pick up some goodies until reality hit.

This weekend, I got the friendly little reminder that I have a car.

A car that costs some $ to keep up.

Not only did I get a parking ticket on Saturday afternoon ($60), I also had to update my license plates ($100), renew my city sticker ($100) and get guest parking passes ($20)

Yea, that little shopping spree that I had up my sleeve is going to have to wait.

Here are a few of the pretty little things I was hoping to bring home.

1. Gap skinny jeans - $60
2. Burberry London perfume - $50
3. Ann Taylor dresses - $50
4. J.Crew straw "Farmers Bag" - $41
5. Cork wedges from here - $89
6. Vineyard Vines hat - $20
7. Max and Chloe from here - $165

Hopefully next weekend!


  1. That monogram necklace would probably look great with your new tory burch's! Then it's more of a wardrobe upgrade than shopping spree, ha!

  2. I LOVE and now also want all of your finds! I hate when the real world hits though and makes me realize I can't just always buy things I want!

  3. Tess! Cars are too much work ;) Love your picks--especially that monogram necklace! You should totally put your lack of moolah skills to work for a Friday's Fancies post...if this post was any indication, you'd rock at it! have a great night! xoxo {av}

    p.s. less than four days to get your entries in for my huge Whiting & Davis giveaway! a handbag of your choice could be yours...don't miss out :)

  4. Story of my life. I'm itching for one of those monogrammed necklaces too. My sister has one and it's adorable. Unfortunately I can't borrow it because...well.. it has HER initials. Boo.

  5. I ADORE that Ann Taylor dress!! Must say no. Or maybe yes.