Bucket List Check-Up

On September 27th, I set up a list of activities I wanted to accomplish for our first fall in California. The post is here, but this is how we did:
  • Bring the pup along on our annual pumpkin patch trip! We did make it to a pumpkin patch, but we didn't bring Roscoe....or take any pictures. 
  • Run a Turkey Trot  7mile Turkey Trot in a mountain.
  • Paint pumpkins We carved them.
  • Bring sweet treats to Joel's office Brought Thanksgiving cookies
  • Host a Halloween get together with chili and pumpkin beer.
  • Dress up every day. I'm sure I missed a few days, but I made major strides in this department. Going into the office a few more times per week has really helped me not feel like I total slug.
  • Explore one new town in California - and I'm hoping it's Laguna Beach! 
  • Keep up with running - set a goal and accomplish it. I ran at least 3x a week, and got in a lot of trail runs in the last two months.
  • Buy some new boots
  • And a cute, quilted puffy vest  I tried to save a buck and order one from Lands End that turned out to be a bust, but then I splurged and just got the dang J.Crew one. And I wear it all the time.

And now, for my December/Holiday to-do.
 Christmas car
  • Do something good for others, Out of our comfort zone that requires labor of some sort.  Give - Volunteer 
  • Play Christmas music, light pine candles, and enjoy the season as much as humanly possiblegarland over columns
  • Decorate the house, take pictures, and share them on the blogglittering affair
  • Send gifts and cards to family and friends we won't see this year love
  • Buy stockingsDear Lillie
  • Decorate cookies
NutterButter snowmen!
  • Build a gingerbread house with Joel
 Stitchy Gingerbread House
  • Host an ornament exchange with my girlfriends
Downtime. Upcycle.: Christmas Ornament Exchange
  • Spread cheer to friends, neighbors, and co-workers.3 Jolly Rancher Sticks in a cellophane bag with a tag that reads, "Have a holly jolly Christmas!"

 And of course, enjoy some holiday spirits....
ha ha ..... love it!


  1. Good list! I got that bottom print in napkin form! Excited to use them!

  2. Great list! You accomplished a ton of your fall one!