A Closet Staple

 Button Downs have quickly become my go-to for everyday...and I wear them....everyday.

And I'm pretty sure that makes me old.

But, I just love the fact that they are comfortable, make you look pulled together, and can be styled so many different ways for tons of different looks.

Plus, I'm clearly drawn to button downs because my Pintrest "fashion" board is stocked full. I love these looks too that I have to try soon.


I know I'm not the only one with this obsession. Right? 



  1. You always look SO CUTE. I love the look of a button-down but I have a hard time finding ones that fit me correctly. They're always kind of boxy or too short! Where do you get yours?

  2. Ok, so you are pretty much adorable in your button downs.

    But I have this problem and I'm embarrassed to admit it.

    My arms feel too chunky for button downs. Maybe it's because my torso is so long and slim (don't hate!), but I end up with a smaller size and then it's too tight in my upper arms.

    So embarrassing - and it sucks because I love how it looks.

    I don't think I've worn a button-down in over a year. Except maybe a white one to work.

    My upper arms are ashamed.

  3. You look great in your button downs! I have always shyed away from them because I can never find one that doesnt make me look boxy! I'll have to do more looking!

  4. LOVE! My sister makes fun of me because I am becoming so predictable- blouses, button ups and blazers- always my go-to's!

  5. If I could wear one outfit forever it would be an Oxford shirt + stretchy pants (yoga pants/ponte leggings etc).

    I buy mine from L. L. Bean and they (A) are super durable (B) are decently affordable.

    Brooks Brothers also makes gorgeous ones but are a little thinner fabric-wise. Ralph Lauren makes them great but they run small -- I usually wear a size 6 or 8 and my RL Oxfords are a size 10.

    Hint: "button down" refers to the collar, not the front of the shirt.

  6. I look like an idiot in them. I have a short neck so they never fit me right. I look like a turtle trying to peek out of its shell. I would love to do the "classic" crisp white shirt but it'll never happen. I envy some of your looks!

  7. You are so tiny! Looking good!

  8. First of all, you look adorable. Second of all, I'm with ya. Skinny jeans + Oxford shirt is my go-to casual look.
    Something completely random- I've seen a lot of bloggers talking about JC Penney's new clothing lines. So I found a JC Penneys & made the treck- I found nowhere near the cute stuff that bloggers from other parts of the country found (I think JC Penney is just not meant for LA and so the selection was limited)... HOWEVER, I found these:
    Super thin fabric, really comfy & $19!!!!!!

  9. Ok, that link didn't work- let's try again:

  10. Girl, you rock the button up. I honestly don't think I have one. haha

  11. You're definitely not alone. You look fantastic by the way! :)

  12. LOVE button downs. You're totally right, they make the simplest outfit look put together.