Weekend Report

This weekend consisted around the fact that Joel ran an ultra marathon on Saturday!

Since our alarm clock was set for 3:00am on Saturday morning night, we got ourselves tucked into bed super early on Friday night. 

The ultra marathon started at the top of a mountain about two hours away from our house and I was thankful we made it there alive. The drive was windy, dark, and the perfect place to dump a body - which was all I was thinking about, strangely.
That's the moon...
The race started at 6am - and was about 40 degrees at that time of morning. Joel thought the race was going to take him anywhere from 5-7 hours, so I had brought lots of goodies to keep myself distracted while we waited for him. Since it was in the mountain - most people were dropped off or just drove themselves which meant. Roscoe and I were alone....and basically camped in the car.


We had a cooler full of goodies, a fully charged iPad, and a few magazines which made it actually kind of fun for a little while. Finally, 11am rolled around, and Joel was slated to finish within next two hours so we took our soccer chair to the finish line and waited for big finale.

The weather warmed up very fast and was almost 100 degrees by this time. I worried about the heat for Joel, but he was well hydrated and trained, and although it was hot, it didn't seem to phase him too much.

There were 580 runners - some doing 50k and some doing 50 miles. Joel was a 50k runner and finished 29th overall! It was an amazing accomplishment and we were so proud of him.

 He is such a rockstar, an hour after finishing he chugged a beer and then headed back to LA to celebrate with friends.

On Sunday we cleaned, took a long walk to ease his soreness, and had two of my cousins join us for dinner. It was a perfect way to cap off the weekend.

I have so much wedding stuff to do this week, I'm feeling way overwhelmed. I know it will all get done, but these next two months are going to be tough ones I think.


  1. Im blown away that he ran over 30 miles? So he walked part of it or how does that work?

  2. Wow! I think I would die if I attempted that.

  3. I wish I had it in me to run a marathon. Jeremy did one in 2011. Way to go Joel!

  4. Is it sad that it makes me tired just thinking about running that far? That's freaking awesome! Way to go Joel!!

    And also, totally random: I realized in this post that Joel actually looks like my brother's friend.. coincidentally his name is Joel too. ha!

  5. I can't even believe he ran that far. Literally blows my mind. He's a little bit crazy.

    Also, it makes my butt hurt of sitting in the car for that long. You are a trooper!

    And last but not least, in two months you will be MARRIED! And all this wedding stuff will be the best time of your life and whyyyy is it over.

    Two months till you're a Mrs!

  6. What an accomplishment for your hubby-to-be. I'm amazed!

  7. An ultra marathon sounds intense! Way to go on your fiance for accomplishing that!

  8. What an amazing accomplishment. Congratulations, Joel!