Carb Free Meal Ideas

On Friday, Kelly's Korner had a blog link up about food and workout tips. I had linked up my post about going carb free and got a lot of questions about what my exact meals look like, so I figured I'd show you!

Breakfast: Is always coffee. But I switch up the food part to be Greek yogurt with pecans or a banana with peanut butter. Both options keep me full until lunch, unless I do SoulCycle, which I will have the banana before and the yogurt after.

Lunch: This has been the hardest meal for me. I've been used to eating sandwich's, or chips, or the like, and so eliminating all of those options makes it hard. For the most part, my lunch is a salad, or leftovers, but when I get bored I pull out a few things like...

 Egg Salad with avocado and a side salad

Lettuce sandwich (I had this for dinner, which is why the wine is there. I promise!)

And sometimes takeout. 
 Rice is a carb that I try to avoid as well, so I only ate two of the four sushi rolls. 

 Dinner: The hardest part about dinner is that I have to do a lot of planning. On Sunday's I outline the entire week and put our menu on a chalkboard in the kitchen. Most of my recipe's I get from SkinnyTaste.come and Pintrest, but I try to include a new recipe every week.

I do one soup a week, normally on Monday's. This was a cheesy vegetable soup that is cooked in the crock pot which makes it even easier!
Other soups I've loved are, White Chicken Chili, Spicy Corn & Roasted Pepper, and Red Curry Soup.

Steak is really easy to make in a few minutes, so we do have a filet once every two weeks. Serving it with a side salad and a glass of wine makes it feel like a much fancier dinner than it really is.

Last week I made portebllo mushroom pizza's which were a huge hit and are making their way on this week's menu again too. I adapted my recipe from here:

I also gave loaded baked potatos a try, with crispy turkey bacon as a garnish, and Joel raved about them for like the next week.

Tacos in lettuce cups, shrimp Mexican salads, and salmon make pretty regular appearances on our dinner table too.

And, in all honesty after dinner every night, I have a handful of dark chocolate chips.

This diet has turned into a lifestyle change for me, and has let me drop about 15 pounds since cutting out breads, pastas, chips, and flour. I'm trying to lose TEN more by the time I walk down the aisle (June 22nd), but the scale hasn't budged in almost four weeks.

I do cheat, (which may be why the scale hasn't changed) and have bites of Joel's carby goodness, but eating this way hasn't been very hard to maintain at all.

My Pintrest: http://pinterest.com/teatimewithtess/


  1. Love this post! Cameron has been all about eating carb free dinners during the week and sometimes it's hard to come up with new ideas! Thanks! :)

  2. Great post! We do a meat and two veggies for dinner during the weeknights and I've found that I really don't ever miss having potatoes, rice, pasta as a side. During lunch I will often have a sandwich or a Greek salad with pita, but no real bread after that.

    We've also started having a few "detox nights" per week ... alcohol free! (egads!)

  3. JM is diabetic so we try and keep carbs very low with our meals. Adding in another protein or another veggie as a side is usually our go-to. ^^ April above posted one of my favorite sides, mashed white beans (canellini beans) - they have a starchy consistency but it's proteiny goodness :)

  4. Great post. Loved reading this. I too have adjusted my daily eats (minus the weekends) to be on the lower carb side. I still have carbs, but am definitely more aware of what I'm eating. It's hard, but can be fun to be creative as well. :)

  5. Thanks for the ideas. I feel like I would starve not eating carbs but clearly it is possible.

  6. Love your ideas, I'm not only at a plateau and slightly gaining but know that my tummy issues are due to carbs.