Friday Five


This week for Girls on the Run we took money that we made at a bake sale and donated to the No Kill Animal Shelter here in LA. The girls and I got to take a tour of the awesome facility and got to play with some the puppies and new born kittens. Besides my allergies going wild - it was such a treat. And I really wanted to take home this sweet baby named Pearl.



When Joel was in Seattle he visited with our friends Max and Anne (Hi Anne!!) and loved a canvas they had that reflected Chicago and Seattle's skylines. He ordered on for me as a surprise birthday gift and it just came in last night. I love our two cities (LA and Chicago) and can't wait to put it up this weekend.


I decided to get a cut and color before we leave for Paris. Every week on RHONY I fawn over Kristin's hair (and body...and style), so I took her picture in for my hair stylist to gain inspiration
 from.  Minus my awful selfie taking skills, it's actually pretty close and I think it will be a great summer hair cut to work with.

I desperately needed my wedding rings cleaned, and I had no idea you could take them to any jewelry store to get them cleaned for free!? Is that like a secret that everyone knows? It took 3 seconds, they ran both through an "Ultrasound cleaning machine" and my rings have sparkle I haven't seen since I got them!


I have to say I am struggling HARD to think about anything besides the fact that we will be in Paris in 6 days. It's hard to work, cook dinner, run errands - even sleep - because I am just SO dang excited! This weekend we are wrapping up all of our loose ends, exchanging our money for the Euro, and packing our bags (well, I am). I do love vacation anticipation!!

The world is waiting.


  1. I love Kristin's hair too and yours looks just like hers!! I bought a Jewelry cleaner from Target and use it whenever my rings are starting to look dull and turning yellow and somehow it brightens them up and makes them white again. It was like $5! Have a great weekend and check out my giveaway today!

  2. Your haircut is FAB! I'm so excited for you for your romantical Parisian getaway.

  3. Oh my gosh, I love it! I'm so glad he got it! It's nice to have a little bit of both cities in your own city :) And love the hair, too xox

  4. Oh my goodness! Ok we must be twins because I have been loving Kristen's hair all season and am thinking about taking the plunge as well. It looks so fresh AND I must know where you ordered the Skyline pics?

    Hot Tea in Texas

  5. Loving the new 'do! Love it when my ring is cleaned, also! :)

  6. LOVE your hair! So jealous you can pull off that cut.

    I also love the canvas, such a cute idea!

    Have so much fun in Paris!! Totally jealous, but I know you'll have a great time. :)

  7. Love your hair! I was trying to grow mine out but now I'm leaning toward cutting it and that picture of Kristen is really tempting. Love that canvas- what a great idea. So jealous of your Paris trip... I cannot wait to see pictures.

  8. what a great color/cut on you! and i am so jealous you're going to paris...can't wait to read about it!

  9. I love Kristin's haircut (and that show)! Yours looks just like it! Love!!!


  10. I love your new hairdo! So cute on you. Can't wait to see pics from your trip on IG. Y'all have fun!