Must Have's

I might actually change your life with product. For years, I've had the worst damn luck with can openers. Like, I would bitch and moan every time I had to use it, which was often. I finally get fed up enough that I tossed our 4th stupid thing in a year into the trash can and finally went online to research good can openers. Because I've got nothing better going on.

Well, I can say with authority, this $16 gem is a life changer. I'm not sure if hatred towards can openers is a common situation, but if for some reason you need a new one, please buy this one.  

:::Apple Cider Vinegar:::
All the research I've done says you have to drink the type that still contain "The Mother"
It curbs my immediate appetite significantly. I normally walk in the door after work starving and instead of diving deep into a bag of tortilla chips, I take 1 tablespoon of the vinegar and mix it with half a glass of water. I plug my nose when I drink it, because the smell is the worst part, but it actually works. I can make it to dinner without snacking and I also think it really curbs my sugar cravings as well.

7StepforOrganizingYourHomeWithoutGettingOverhwhelmed thumb 7 Steps For Organizing Your Home – Without Getting Overwhelmed
When I get back from Paris, I need to spend some time reorganizing the house. I've let a lot of my cabinets get crazy, my jewelry is a message, bookshelves haven't been updated, and our spice cabinet makes me want to jump off a cliff.  It's my summer goal - besides getting my damn wedding album complete, so I'm trying to really get myself geared up for a total overhaul. A feel like a few good trips to GoodWill and The Container Store will be in our future. 


  1. You have me THISCLOSE to wanting to drink apple cider vinegar (diluted, obviously). I've been on a 2 week sugar binge and it's just super bad news right now. Eeeek.

  2. Also, when we got married my husband came with an ELECTRIC can opener. I'm fairly sure that the rudest person in the house called him white trash because seriously who uses so many canned foods that they need an electric can opener? After I bought a hand one (that sucked, I'm totally picking up that one at Target), I found myself using the stupid electric one every time I needed something opened. I'm converted.... and so white trash.

  3. Yes I have had your hatred for can openers because none of the damn things work; however, we finally invested in the electric can opener and it is a game changer. We keep it in the pantry(still easy access) and I'm hooked.

    I tried the tbsp of apple cider vinegar once before and gagged so I'm proud of you for doing that. I also just tried the "oil pulling" for the first time this week using coconut oil and gagged so bad I barely made it to the trash can to spit it out!!! Apparently that must be where my son gets his bad gag reflex from :)

  4. Apple Cider Vinegar is good for acid re flux disease, too! My Mom drinks it every morning with about 4 oz of tea.

  5. Um what does "contains the Mother" men's? That kind of freaks me out! Ugh don't get me started on can openers!!

  6. I wanted to try the apple cidar vinegar but then I chickened out... I'm just afraid I'll gag. That can opener sounds awesome- I always have such trouble with ours

  7. I've never heard of "The Mother" in apple cider vinegar. Are you suppose to get that kind if you want to use it for health benefits?

  8. I went through 3 Kitchenaid can openers (thinking that they MUST be the best) before my mom bought me a Zyliss. That thing is uh-mazing!