Weekend Report

This weekend was all about getting things done, and Joel and I actually crossed off every single task we set out to do.
On Friday we started the weekend out by emptying the fridge and grilling anything and everything we could have. 

I seriously love the feeling of coming home from work on Friday, knowing that the work week is done and just being able to kick back and relax. 

Since we leave on Thursday, we are trying to eat at home as often as we can to save money and calories.

 We ate our turkey dogs outside - over tequila and beer - and played country music as we decompressed the day. That pretty much sums up my perfect Friday night. 

The weather was hot this weekend, so even though we ate outside, we were so thankful to come back inside to air conditioning. I think on Friday it got up to 106. 

And side note - we got our shipment of wine club which included two bottles of this amazing red wine, Open Range. It's sold at a William Sonoma - and big box wine stores for $18.00. If you ever see it grab a few. It's the perfect red wine and we finished both of our bottles this weekend. 

On Saturday, after a tough spin class, I packed every single thing for Paris. Plus, I tried on every, friggen, outfit. It was exhausting and hot - but I packed it all into a carry-on, and while there will be a lot of repeat pieces, I'm hopeful that I packed all the right pieces. 

After packing, we sat down for four hours and planned out our detailed itinerary for Paris. That was hard, and pretty stressful, but we've got great plan and it made me even more excited for the trip. We were hoping to cook at home but by the time dinner rolled around we were tired and worn out, so we ordered pizza and watched "That Awkward Moment" and got to bed before 10pm. 

We had to get up early on Sunday because we had the Girls on the Run 5k race! 

 The girls did awesome and I can't say enough good things about the GOTR program. All of our girls finished the 5k, and finished it well - and it was such a fun and inspiring season.

 On Sunday we went to the grocery store, did laundry, cleaned the house, packed up Joel, and prepared dinners and lunches for the entire week. For dinner had a great salad and Shimp and Risotto, watched a few TV movies, and called it a weekend.

I mean, you guys, we were like little machines all weekend long. It was "boring", but it was productive, and I feel so much more calm about the week ahead.

We're all set for Paris and all we have to do is get to Thursday!!


And so I shall.



  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I can't wait to live vicariously through your Paris posts when you come back!