Bumpdate: Week 14


How Far Along? 14w, 4d - due October 15, 2015
Gender: Starting to really want to know for certain!

Weight Gain:

Maternity Clothes:
I bought a pair of AG jeans and just a simple black skirt from Gap. I don't need them quite yet, but I think it's close, and I didn't want to have a freak out moment when my jeans finally need to be retired. 

Nursery: Same as above. We did remove the renters shades and had rods installed in every room which is nice. We have temprorary drapes up for now but it's a checked item off the list! 

No but looking very forward to it.
Symptoms: We had kind of a crazy weekend where we were on the go non-stop and by Monday I felt like I had run a marathon. I was so exhausted and worn out, it was not fun and really hard to shake. Also, when I lay down horizontally I have to pee every twenty seconds from pressure on my bladder. 
And I think I maybe, kind of am starting to puff out a little but my stomach is not hard yet so it really just feels like all of the food I've been eating is catching up. 

I wish there was a sleep pill that you could take to instantly feel restored. Wouldn't that be amazing?
Joel: I still like him. He's really uber helpful and really picks up my slack.  I don't give him enough credit, but I know that I am very lucky to have him as a partner. When I was out running around like a mad woman on Sunday, he spent hours cleaning the house, vacuuming and sweeping and made me dinner so that I didn't have to come home and do anything.

Workouts: 5, M-F. None of them were great, but I got to the gym five times and did 1 spin class so that's a win in my book.
Cravings: bagels with cream cheese and a coffee....like that whole experience. And take-out sounds good every night. 
What I Miss:Went out to dinner with my cousins on Saturday night and had to turn down oysters. Wasn't that big of a deal but it would have been nice.
Random Things: I bought my first item for the baby. If the gender proves to be wrong, it'll have to go back, but it was too cute to pass up.
Best Moment This Week: Buying something for the baby was pretty fun to be honest. And, last week I watched Father of the Bride II (cried my eyes out even though I've seen it maybe 300 times) and was just all sorts of fuzzy/excited/emotional which was pretty fun too.

Looking Forward To: Good gracious I'm ready to for this doctors appointment on May 3rd and anxious to schedule the anatomy ultrasound for mid-May as well.


  1. Glad you're feeling well! Joel sounds like the best!

  2. "I still like him" haha Glad you aren't going kick Joel out yet! I might have to buy a pair of jeans too. The rubber band trick is getting old! So fun we can go through this exciting time together!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  3. You're so funny! Ask your doc if you can take Benadryl to sleep. I've been doing that. And to solve my oyster love, I've had them as oyster Rockefeller or fried. Just cooked somehow!