My sweet friend Ally recently posted a bunch of confessions and I figured it was due time I fess up around here too...

::: I confess I have to change the channel when the preview for San Andreas comes on. The small earthquakes I've been in are not fun and the thought of "the big one" will keep me up for nights.

::: I confess the only thing that gets me out of bed quick is the thought of a toasted bagel and a hot cup of coffee.

::: I confess that when speaking of bagels, I really should say it's cream cheese. The bagel is just the vehicle.

::: I confess I've been wearing leggings at least 3x week and on the days that I don't, I change back into them as quickly as I can. 

::: I confess, and this is bad....but....I've been binge watching Bringing Up Bates (on the UP channel). It's basically the same thing as 19 kids and counting. I have no idea why I am so intrigued with these families but I am, and I'm addicted....and I stalk their instagrams!

:::I confess that we haven't done anything for the nursery or registry, and I'm starting to think that maybe we're behind schedule? Hopefully not, but the task just seems daunting and I keep putting it off but now that we have shower dates on the books, I need to get my butt in gear. 

::: I confess that we have a baby name that we are in love with, and not changing, but it absolutely annoys the crap out of me that I know someone else that named her son the same name in our hometown. We have plenty of mutual friends, and we both chose the name because its a family name for us both, so it just is what it is, but it still does irk me.

:::  I confess that I've been reading the cheap $2.99 kindle books for a mindless read. They are so bad, and I've read like four horribly written books, but they're relaxing and light and it's just what the doctor has ordered, and who am I to argue with that?

:::I confess I really, really miss Chicago between now and December. LA totally wins January-May, but now is when I really have to manage my homesickness blues.

::: I confess that I'm pretty much a joke at my spin class. I show up, and for me, that's my goal, but I kind of want to wear a sign that says "I'm pregnant" because I'm the only not leaving drenched in sweat. I'm pretty sure the instructor is looking directly at me when he screams "DIG DEEP" or "GO HARDER"....I try and like awkwardly touch my stomach to see if he will pick up on my hints but I think he just thinks I'm being lazy and not trying as hard as I can.

::: I confess that it is hard to watch the number go up on the scale. And I know that it is absolutely the best reason, that there is no sense in worrying about it because it aint changing, AND that it is just a freaking blessing to have this problem, but it is taking me a little getting used to.

:::I confess that I feel really, really, really uncomfortable complaining about any aspect of pregnancy. I am truly thankful and overwhelming grateful for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy, developing baby that I'm trying to really keep my minor annoyances and complaints to a bare minimum.

"My boss told me I should dress for the job I want. What does a stay-at-home billionaire wear?"  Good question! Anyone have any style tips for me on this one?! -Driskotech

Ok, don't leave me hanging....confess something good from this week....


  1. I confess: I'm at my wits end with work. We close a huge project today and I am SO READY for some time off. Like, I *may* celebrate mid day with a glass of champagne when I get the closing email (I work from home).

    I confess- I check real estate listings in my hometown regularly and imagine where I would buy a place if I won the lottery. We will never move back there but a girl can dream about a vacation home right?

    I confess- I signed up for my first library card in probably 25 years yesterday. I have no idea why I waited so long to do this? Free Books!!!

  2. Your confessions crack me up because they are so real life and you shouldn't worry about them one ounce! Start a registry online - that may help you get in gear?!

  3. I confess that I have not stepped on the scale (unless at the drs office) since getting pregnant.....I refuse to.

    I also must confess that since finding out we've got a little girl cooking, I've spent way tooo much money on her clothes.....oops!


  4. I confess that, on my third day as a Commuter From The Suburbs, I want to quit my job and never leave my pretty little (old, wacky, ridiculous) house.

  5. Love these confessions! So funny! Also I love the Bates and the Duggars. Can't stop, won't stop.

  6. I confess that I've been too lazy and busy to blog this week! Ugh. Life. What did you think about the Duggar scandal?!

  7. I can relate to so many of these!! Especially the bagels, yoga pants, and numbers on the scale - love it!! You are not alone!! ;)

  8. Loved reading these! Ugh I know how you feel! I saw on FB a girl I went to high school with has a son with the same name we're thinking of using. I was like "NO!!" but it was her name first, plus her son is like 5. Whatever. It's going to happen! If you love it then that's all that matters!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  9. I can relate to the name issue! My middle name is Bennett and Bryce and I have always discussed using it as part of a baby girl's name down the road...turns out his cousin's husband also has Bennett as a family name and wants to use it for a girl. I am hoping and praying that we have a girl first just to stake claim on the name....isn't that terrible!? Haha!

    Also, how are you the only one sweating at spin class? I always sweat buckets when I cycle!! Most intense cario ever!