Nursery Inspiration

We spent the better part of the weekend cleaning out our guestroom and reorganizing all of the closets in our house to make room for baby. We made a ton of headway and over the next few months we will making some major nursery purchases. My goal is to have all of the major work done by the end of August.

Nurseries are expensive, but we are trying to be really smart in where we are splurging (dresser) and where we are saving (crib). 

Above is the look I'm going to try and shoot for. I know when I'm shopping, other gems will catch my eye and swing us in different directions, but I hope to come out of it with a room that is simple, classic, and calm.

I've been saving the above images on Pintrest, so I don't have sources for everything except for the few pieces we know we are moving forward with: Pottery Barn dresser, Crate and Barrel rug, Jenny Lind crib, PBK lamp, and Ikea daybed. I haven't decided where I will get our glider from, but I know I want a rugged, gray material like the picture above.


  1. OBSESSED!!!!!!!!! And that's a good plan to be done by the end of August. One of my friends told me to be done a month before and I'm so glad she did because I don't think you feel like doing much that last month. Oh and check Wal-Mart for a glider. Sounds crazy but one of my girls got hers there and it's adorable and under $400 for glider + ottoman!

  2. I love your inspiration board! That crib is adorable! We have the star decals in Cam's room from urban walls and I love them! They actually are not too difficult to apply. Just spacing them out perfectly was annoying, but I love the result! Can't wait to see your nursery!

  3. So smart to keep it simple - especially if you guys end up leaving your place once baby boy is here, you won't feel like you invested too much on THAT special room. The pieces can come with and transition!

  4. See I would rather splurge on a crib, by getting one of those that can convert into a bed, and then save on the dresser. But I'd like to find one I can re-purpose. Sadly I had that opportunity with my Dad moving out and he had one I could have taken, but we just don't have the room for it now. Nor am I pregnant.
    Well, really I felt like I would've been jinxing myself if I got it since we're trying. Is that weird? lol

  5. Love it!! And I totally agree that a nice dresser and comfy glider are the areas to splurge. A good dresser you can keep literally forever and it will provide so much storage. And everyone says you will spend a ton of time in your glider..
    This room is classic and so perfectly you. I feel like if there was a line up of five nursery designs, I could have picked this one as yours.
    So exciting! Can't wait to see it come to life.

  6. Loooove love love. So classic and beautiful.

  7. Love it! We have such similar tastes! Good idea to be done by August! If it was up to me we'd have it all done in a weekend but it may be a little too soon right now!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  8. I am having the hardest time with the glider.......ugh! Love your ideas!