Bumpdate: Week 17

How Far Along? 17w, 4d - due October 15, 2015

Gender: We find out next Monday!

Weight Gain:
Not looking this week

Maternity Clothes: I'm finding out that more and more of my clothes are not working which is par for the course, but is frustrating.

Nursery: June will bring some changes.

Nothing distinct, but twice this past week when I was laying down on my side I felt what I would describe as a goldfish doing a flip in my stomach.

Symptoms: Very solid week actually. I did have a chance to sneak in a few naps but I'm blaming that on the fact that I was up at 4am twice this week and less because I'm pregnant. Besides having to use the bathroom seriously 40 times a day, I'm happy to report that I was really just happy this past week.

Sleep: Half a unisom gives me the best sleep for sure.
Joel: He had a Mother's Day card that he gave to me on the plane ride home from Vancouver which was really cute, and then when we walked in, he had arranged for my cousin to bake my favorite breakfast (Pioneer Woman's overnight french toast bake) and a huge bouquet of flowers waiting for me. It was pretty over the top adorable.

Workouts: 1 gym, 1 spin, and we stayed pretty active in Vancouver but my eating was out of control last week so I've to clock some serious hours this week.

Cravings: Arnold Palmer's. We bought tea in Vancouver so that I can try and make some at home.

What I Miss: Running. It doesn't feel good and I've now gone 17 weeks without it, so it's even harder, so I think it'll be a thing of the past until October. I miss the feeling of coming home drenched in sweat after a really hard run.

Random Things: Getting Mother's-Day-To-Be cards and notes was pretty surreal. To think that next Mother's Day I'll be an actual mom is just mind blowing/world changing/over the moon feeling.

Best Moment This Week: My birthday and Vancouver were just amazing. We spent so much time outside, eating good food, being together....it was a perfect celebration.

Looking Forward To: Next Monday like crazy. I'm ready to see the baby, anxious and hopeful that everything looks healthy and perfect, and to find out the sex. I have to keep it out of my mind because my excitement and nerves do have a tendency to take over, so I'm just going to stay busy until next week gets here. 


  1. Ahhhh you'll know the gender so soon! YAYAYAY! xx

  2. The anatomy scan is the best and will calm those nerves!!!

  3. Stop...that Mother's Day story is seriously adorable!

  4. You are definitely already a Mom. ;)

    So excited for you to find out the gender! I haven't seen you mention it yet, but do you plan to do a reveal of sorts and wait, or are you going to find out at the scan?

  5. You better text me as soon as you find out the sex!! I'm thinking girl!
    Ally - Life as I know it