Nashville Recap

I'm going to be honest, I was actually really anxious before this bachelorette party in Nashville. I wasn't sure how much fun I was really going to have traveling, being pregnant, and handling the 100 degree weather with 100% humidity. 

To make matters worse, the week before I left, I got a nasty cold that I still hadn't totally kicked before it was god time.

I was nervous that this was going to be some kind of pregnant girls hell, but spoiler alert: I had a freaking blast.

I woke up Thursday morning and sent the bride-to-be Sara this text of my last prep meal before the craziness began...

The flight to Nashville was just under four hours and I was more than comfortable. I met a cute couple on the flight who was traveling with their new baby. It happened to be that we had the same doctor and hospital, so she was filling me in on all of the need to know details. 

I did get a chance to change my seat from middle to aisle, which is an absolute must for me now that I have to use the bathroom all the time. I used to not mind sitting in the middle, especially because I would always snag like the 4th or 5th row, but I happily took my aisle in row 14 and enjoyed being able to get up as much as I wanted.

When we landed at 7pm, I met a few of the girls that had arrived early for dinner at Bakersfiled near our hotel (Hyatt Place Downtown), and then went back to the hotel to welcome the Bride! Some of the girls went out for a drink around midnight, but I went back to my room and met up with them in the morning.

Friday during the day we walked downtown to get a feel for the city. We popped into a bunch of different shops before we made our way to Broadway for lunch.


We landed at the rooftop at Acme around lunch time and grabbed a bunch of tables so we could hang there for a few hours. It was sweltering, but thankfully not overly sunny, so we had a blast just catching up and meeting fellow bachelor/ette parties! And my O'Douls had never tasted so good!


After lunch we went over to Tootises just a few blocks down to dance and listen to the band that was playing. 

The talent in Nashville is unreal.
Being sober in Nashville bars is about the best place to do it because the music and dancing is seriously so much fun, you don't even feel like you're missing out on anything.
 And, we definitely got use out of the selfie stick!

We popped into a few other bars before we made it back to the hotel to freshen up. That night we had dinner at Rippy's which was perfect for our big group even though the food was standard bar food.


And then after dinner, we hit up Wildhorse for line dancing! 

We all had SO much fun. If you get to Wildhorse early, you can take some basic lessons so you don't look like a total goon on the dance floor. We were all total beginners but most everyone kind of got the hang of it after a few hours. 

We were mesmerized by the people who really knew what they were doing. Especially the couples....I could have watched them for hours. 

From there, some girls kept the partying going, but I was with "early" to bed group and we called it a night a little after midnight.

Saturday our big activity was renting a pedal travern. We walked to into The Gulch neighborhood to load onto our transportation for the morning and then hit the ground running.
You basically ride around on this mega bike, listening to great music, drinking beer and dancing through the streets of Nashville. It was a freaking blast.
Our driver was awesome too, which made it even more fun, and we decided to stay on the bike to play flip cup instead of visiting the bars that they stop outside.

It was a great activity for a bachelorette party and it was actually kind of a workout! We rode around on the bike for just about two hours and Nashville has more hills than you would think! 


We walked back to the Gulch for lunch at Party Foul and then took Ubers back to our hotel so that we could catch a nap before round two! 

Sara's maids of honor brought tons of stuff to decorate the hotel room with, so we kicked Sara out to help them create a bachelorette oasis! 

And they were so cute, everyone was given little bottles of vodka, but for me and another friend that is pregnant they had thought ahead.

Not a detail was missed.
We played tons of fun games, had a blast in the room, and then took a bunch of pictures  before we hit the town.

The Bridesmaids
We left around midnight to go dance and get Sara on a mechanical bull at Tequila Cowboy! 

Sunday morning it was really nice not to wake up with a hangover! I've forgotten how not fun those are, but the girls rallied after bagels and coffee and then everyone had to say their goodbyes.
Since Joel's family lives in Brentwood, I scheduled a later flight so I could sneak in some time with them. 
We celebrated Maggie's 3rd birthday, had pizza and cake, and just sat outside on their gorgeous patio catching up on all of life's happenings.

Then after dinner they drove me to the airport and I was homebound.

I got in Sunday night around 11 and Joel was nice enough to pick me up and put my exhausted self to bed. 

It was such a great trip....so much fun to be with all of my college girlfriends and pick up like no time has passed at all. I am so lucky to have these girls in my life and it was just a reminder of how special friends are that share certain seasons of life with you. We could have laughed and reminisced for two weeks straight and it's only been five years since college!


  1. That sounds like such a fun trip! I'll have to keep note of your Nashville recommendations.

  2. You're a rock star for partying even though you can't drink and are exhausted so early! Isn't it nice not having a hangover? I really don't miss that part at all! I went to Wildhorse Saloon when I was in Nashville a few years ago and it was such a blast! Did you guys go to Coyote Ugly at all? I remember going there as well. Looks like it was such a fun trip!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  3. Downtown Nashville is the best place for night life! I love it! And I loved Wildhorse too, so fun!

    Glad you had a blast despite being sick/pregnant! :)

  4. Nashville is such a fun city and it sounds like you had a great time! Love the lingerie cookies!