Bumpdate: 21 weeks

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How Far Along? 21w, 4d - due October 15, 2015

Gender: BOY!

Weight Gain: 9.5lbs

Maternity Clothes: Jeans....I'm starting to feel like I may need to get some workout clothes, and I may invest in a swimsuit too.

Nursery: Major happenings were made this week! We were gifted a crib, and even though it isn't white, I actually love the contrast against our walls, so we are going to keep it and make it work! We also purchased the daybed from ikea, the Moroccan pouf from Wayfair, ordered swatches for a glider, and bought a very cool metal bookshelf! 
Movement: By far my favorite experience of pregnancy so far. Of course, since I do feel him everyday, sometimes when he is quiet or we go a few hours with nothing, I get a little neurotic about it but, that's just my personality. I still love finding time to just lay down when he is moving to just soak it in. Joel has felt about 5 hard kicks and even saw my stomach move with a few kicks too which is amazing.

Symptoms: Pretty solid week....touches of heartburn,
Sleep: I fall asleep pretty easily but by 4am it gets really choppy and I just toss and turn until I have to get up. Plus, I'm getting up in the night at least 4 times to use the bathroom so I'm always very ready to go to bed by 9.
Joel: Put the crib together this weekend which I feel like is a really cute dad-to-be rite of passage.

Workouts: Four - 2 gyms sessions (one treadmill session next to Guiliana Rancic), 1 tennis, 1 swim session.
Mood: I had a total tantrum this week playing tennis. My tennis skirt and workout shirt were SO tight and I felt slow, and annoyed, and majorly uncomfortable the entire time and pretty much pouted off the court.

Cravings: I need my cup of coffee in the morning badly! I've never needed coffee, but now that I'm not sleeping amazingly, I feel like I cant function without it.

What I Miss: Clear skin, day drinking, and sleeping soundly.

Random Things: Along with being gifted a crib, our friend gave us a brand new pack and play too. Serious question, are all pack and plays so impossible to click together? This damn thing made us look like major parent rookies! We did do it successfully 3 times, but we were both sweating when it was over. 

Best Moment This Week: We had a doctors appointment this week and got to hear the babies heartbeat (clocked in the 140's). Seeing the crib in the guestroom is very surreal and very fun, and I bought some more baby clothes this week too - including a few pieces with the babies monogram!! No going back now!

Looking Forward To: We are going to register on Sunday!


  1. Cute baby bump! The pack n plays get easier...although Jake won't let me buy any other brand besides fisher-price because he is afraid he will have to figure it out all over again.

  2. Tell me more about working out next to Guiliana Rancic!! You are looking so cute! Gosh we're such worry wart sisters. I too start to freak out a little if time has passed and I haven't felt him move. I've found some days he's very active and others not as much. But like my doctor said kick counts don't start till week 28 so it's too early to worry!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  3. Y'all got a ton of nursery stuff done! Very exciting!!

  4. So exciting!! And how sweet that people gifted you with those things. :)

  5. Look at your lil belly!!! So adorable. I'm glad other than sleeplessness you're otherwise feeling well. xx

  6. so exciting. I loved watching Matt put the crib together for the first time! So nice you were gifted that and the pack n play. And so jealous that you were on the treadmill next to guiliana. Is she crazy skinny in person??

  7. What I miss: day drinking! I love you for being honest :) I am not a parent, but the time I spent as a nanny, the pack n play always got my goat. I firmly believe that you cannot put it together WITHOUT cussing. Excited to see the nursery coming together!

  8. Bump!!! You look amazing! Can't wait to see the bump in person.. Also, you guys are so on it with the nursery! I'm impressed. :)

  9. I loveee the ikea daybed- wish we had room for one in the nursery! And I miss day drinking too!! Much more than an evening cocktail :)

  10. Glad you're feeling pretty well minus annoying heartburn! You look fantastic, mama ;)

  11. A) THAT BUMP!!! You are seriously adorable. Serious question - maternity pics?? Is that going to happen? Cause you have the cutest bump and I am tres jealous.
    B) Guiliana!!! Color me jealous. My BFF and I are trying to iron out a trip to NYC and I told her I want to go celeb hunting and she totally didn't understand my fascination. Le sigh.
    C) Joel putting together the crib. WEEP.