Five on Friday

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The weather here in LA has been SO hot, I feel like summer has arrived in February. It's been absolutely beautiful and we've been taking advantage of the heat with long walks, lunches outside, and excuses for cute hats. 

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I'm blaming the weather for this, but I have a major spring cleaning bug. Yesterday I spent the entire day reorginzing Leo's clothes (for the umpteenth time) and found myself with a pile of things he's outgrown already. I decided it was due time to clear out the materinty clothes too, so I filled a big storage container and said farewell (for now). It's so weird to think the next time I need to open that box I'll be pregnant again....but I'm riding this wave for a while! 

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And with Leo getting bigger, that means all of his toys and things are too. We got this really cute walker from Joel's co-worker and while Leo loves it, its one more thing I need to find a space for. We are staying in our condo for as long as we can, but I need to do some readjusting of our living space because it's driving me crazy.  
This weekend I'm going to move the china cabinet and wine fridge (behind the leather chair) to a different wall - and then push all of the furniture a few feet closer to the dining room. 

My hope is that this will give us a little nook to hang out, put all of his things (out of my sight, kind of) and feel like we have a little more room to play. 

I know that I'm not going to love the change, but as my mom said, "It's Leo's house now", so I'm going to do my best to make it work and see how it goes. 
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Also....thank you 90 degree temperatures, but all I want lately is a corona light and chips and guac! I'm really hoping some cooler temps roll around here because if we are starting summer now, I'm in big trouble! 

::: 5 :::
For Valentine's Day, the only thing I wanted to do was take a trip up to Santa Barbara. I've literally dreamed about the day when we can take Leo up to my favorite city, and it's finally happening tomorrow. We are going to leave early with the dog and the babe, and spend the day walking by the water, tasting wines, having a picnic lunch, and doing some shopping on State street. I'm hoping everyone enjoys it since it will be a long day away from the house and off of our routine, but I think it'll be good for all of us.

Hope you have a great Valentine's Day weekend! xoxo 

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  1. Sounds like you have a fun little trip planned for Valentine's Day! I hear you about the space issues. We are in a one bedroom with SC and it is a constant battle. I think it might also be tough because they are growing into bigger things while still needing all the old gear. I went through all of SC's clothes last night and I am hoping that will help. I used to worry because she doesn't have her own room...until I realized she has the entire apartment! Isn't it amazing how fast they grow? Have a great weekend!

  2. Have a great time in Santa Barbara! Drink lots of yummy wine! Sounds like a wonderful Valentine's weekend with your guys. XO