Weekend Recap

This weekend was relatively low key which was actually very nice. Our March and April...and May, June and July...are filling up quickly, so I'm trying to make sure we take it easy when we can.

Friday during the day I drove to Manhattan Beach to do a mommy and me class with my girlfriend Beth and her son. 

The class isn't very aerobic, but it's a fun activity - so it's worth it. Manhattan Beach is such a great little town too. We walked by my newest dream house and it's pretty dang drool worthy...

Friday night we stayed in and made fondue. I was still craving fondue after we had it at a Valentine's Day party a few weeks back. I used this recipe which is so easy because you do the whole thing in the crock pot and it's ready in 45 minutes.

After we put Leo down, we watched Top Chef, indulged in some ice cream and called it a night before 9:30pm.

Saturday morning Joel hosted his running group for a long run in our neighborhood and then brunch at our house. They all run together once a week, but I don't run with the group so I haven't met most of them and they hadn't met Leo yet either. We kept things really casual (Store bought bagels and mimosas) and everyone had a great time.

Leo was such a good boy and was happy to be passed around to everyone in the group. I sometimes worry that Leo is getting a little too attached to me since we're solo most of the week, but he really did great.

That afternoon we took a blanket down to the park and watched a kids soccer game which was freaking adorable. 

Maybe it was the morning mimosa, but we decided to push our luck at take Leo out to our favorite sushi spot. 

We went really early (5:30) and left by 6:30 so that we could get him home and into the bath on time, but it actually went really well. He was occupied by all the new things going on and pretty much let us enjoy our dinner.

Sunday I ran to my cousins a few miles from my house in the morning to help her get her nursery set up. After some coffee, we went and got our nails done which was a nice treat. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon working and playing, and before we knew it, Monday was here again! 


  1. Fun little weekend!!! Fondue in a crockpot...that sounds like something I could even do.

  2. Baby yoga..I love!! Checking out that fondue recipe now!

  3. Leo is so cute in his little outfit! It sounds like a great weekend! I am going to have to try that fondue recipe because it would make such a fun dinner!